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jemsister(7)May 16, 2013

Hello, I am new here (obviously). I've been slowly expanding my "garden," which up to this point had consisted of two large rubbermaid totes, and narrow flower bed (about 14 x >2'). This year I converted an old dresser into a plant bed. It's about 2.5W x 3.5L x 2D. I also filled one of the drawers with soil and planted mint (I heard mint should be contained).

I am experimenting with growing directly out of a soil bag. It's a 2 cubic bag of miracle grow potting soil. I planted a zucchini in it. Anyone have any experience with soil bag gardens? I'm hoping it works, since my container situation is extremely limited, so the bag idea is pretty convenient.

The dresser has a cherry tomato which I planted on its side to aid root development. I almost killed it once with inadequate protection during an overnight frost, but it's making a strong, sassy comeback, so I guess the roots are good and strong. I threw some cut flower mix at the bottom end of the box. I had good luck with this last year, so I decided to try it again. I think the dresser has room for one more thing. What would you plant next to a tomato plant? I was considering a second tomato plant, but I dunno. Haven't decided.

The flower bed has trellis peas and bush beans.

Anyway, the two totes and that one slot in the dresser are empty. I haven't decided what to fill them with. They need something, certainly. I was considering herbs in one of the totes. I live in northwestern washington, so weather is a challenge. Any suggestions?

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You can grow anything you like in bags. Just grow whatever herbs or vegetables that you like the most. You can buy great garden bags from the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Bags

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