Adding a bed border to bottom of retaining wall

catsgurleygirl(7)April 14, 2014

Hello, My husband and I are going to be doing vegetable gardening in our back yard. There is a spot at the foot of our retaining wall in the curve (back corner on far size of pic) that we are going to border out (2 or 3 rows high) so we can plant several tomatoes. It's like we are making a bed that encloses the curve of the wall if that makes sense. My question is, will it look funny if we don't match the retaining wall brick? The bricks are the full size grey retaining wall bricks (about 12x17x6 in). I wasn't sure if the texture or size wasn't the same if it would look off. Granted, I am just making a small veggie bed, but I still want it to look nice. Sorry the picture isn't great, but its the best I have right now. Thanks! BTW, the shed, trampoline and crepe myrtle arem't there anymore, so they won't feature.

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I think it would be fine, perhaps paint the material that you use (cinder block, wood) or grow a trailing plant (herb or sweet potato) over the material.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

It will look fine! Sometimes we worry too much about what others will think, but this is your back yard! Do whatever you want! Enjoy your harvest!


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Just curious .... why do you want the garden to be raised instead of at ground level, which is much cheaper, easier?

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It would be great if our soil and drainage would handle direct planting, but the section between the wall and shed has terrible drainage. Our area is known for its drainage issues and while our backyard has two (French?) drains (can't find an exit for either one), that little area holds water in a puddle for days if not close to a week. Plus our soil is Memphis, TN clay. We plan on planting up the whole side of the yard (about 600 sq ft) and that little section is the worst. We think there is a dip in grade there that might be contributing to the problem. The idea is to do a few raised beds near that area and heavily amend the area farther away and try in ground planting there, but I am very open to ideas or suggestions. Thanks!

Not sure if pic is helpful, but it's another more current view of wall to show area, you can kind of see a rough bounty laid out on other side of tiller.

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elysianfields(9b CA)

A landscape supply or home hardware type big box store should have materials similar to the color your current retaining wall is. Or use the multi color material that is shades of brown, grey and tan to carry the color out from the wall. You could even do more than one level of raised bed, five rows in the middle flanked by three rows on each side, and consider doing a potager mixing ornamentals with edibles perhaps. Or a children's garden in one section so your busy bee in the pink hat can have a space to work.

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