Raspberry / Blackberry / Cayenne Pepper help

cammunizmMay 16, 2011

Zone 9a:

Curious about three separate plants I have in containers right now:

Raspberry: I am unsure what is causing this entire section of the plant to die out. The rest of the plant is not affected. (I've tried to capture the issue in these photos)




Blackberry: experiencing this red/burn around the bottom leaves. Is this something natural?



Cayenne Pepper: The pepper have remained this size for about 3-4 weeks. When should I expect them to turn red (as indicated they would). Is it ok that the leaves are turning yellow-ish?


Many Thanks:

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

In order for the others to help you, they will need more info on your growing methods.

What type of soil are your plants in?
How often do you water them, and are you using fertilizer? If so, what kind and how much? Sun exposure and any other details you can think to add that you think may be of some help.


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Potting Mix (About 4 months ago)

Jungle Growth and Miracle-Gro.

Ample drainage. Watering based on finger-test.

Mainly filtered tap water, but as with Florida, slightly higher chlorine levels. Making attempts to switch to rain water.

Direct sunlight 6+ hours a day. Morning - afternoon. Some shade provided late afternoon due to shadow from house.

Light fertilizer (Organic water-soluable nitrogen), less than recommended mixed in with watering, but have only done so twice as the potting mix indicates it will feed up to 3 months. I did add some powdered eggshells a month ago, but not that much,

Hope this info helps.

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