Is this the saddest excuse for a soiless mix? lol pic

xmikelx(6)May 7, 2012

so i wanted to create a soiless mix but idk if this will work> fir bark ( zoo med repti bark) and leca stones. any advice or thoughts..... or help is appreciated lol

is it ok like this if i add napa auto parts floor dry stuff? or perlite something else???

i soooo want to stop using mg stuff... gnat fly haven!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

That soil will work fine if you can keep up with your plants' watering needs. It's difficult to have too much aeration, from the plants' perspective, but you need to balance that against your need to eat/sleep/work/watch Idol instead of water. ;-) Ideally, your particles would be in the 1/10" to 1/4" size range with most concentrated in the 1/10 to 1/8" gradient.


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Hi mister AL! *-*
funnylol not to mention go to school and do homework!

SO, some of the bark and leca stones are a little too large. i can just remove some of the big ones....right.

so can my adding napa floor dry #8822 screened through a insect screen retain enough water so i an go a few days without watering? i Just dont want to be bothered with the MG potting soil

i have two experiments with mg potting soil, bark and perlite.i put a little more potting soil in this one. i didnt screen the perlite. the gardenia vietnamensis seems to be ok and it dries out relatively fast for a plant that is not potbound. ( i hate perlite it floats right to the top.)

the other one there is more bark then potting soil. i have a african gardenia in is just now starting to show signs of growth( it was root pruned)

i probably shouldnt experiment with these kinds of plants?! lol

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