Poor Man's Stephanotis (Araujia sericifera)

karyn1(7a)May 16, 2012

I have several more available for trade or possibly postage. Looking for flowering vines, succulents, cacti or fragrant plants.

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Could I treat this as an annual, or would I need to plan on overwintering it indoors? I'd love to try it, but I doubt I have anything to tempt you with---you've already got everything I have. (*grin*)

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Ms. is right, Karyn! I would like some, too - but you have everything I have and much more!!! If you decide to do postage, just email us. Hugs, Jo

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Same here. I think you have almost everything I do. Hm. Do you have Trichosanthes kirilowii var japonica? I have a young plant I could trade if you are interested.


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I'd like a few of the vines. I have an artobotrys hexapetalus and several other succulents as a package deal if you're interested. PLMK

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Would you be interested in Hoya Kentiana? PM if so.

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I've emailed everyone who has responded. Some I've had to use the GW email which is notoriously inefficient. If you have not heard from me please contact me at my AOL ddress.

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