how to take care of peace lily, and topiary

lavender_1May 31, 2014

Hello everyone,

I am new to gardening, planting or taking care of plants. I have always thought I didn't have a green thumb. We have just recently moved into a new house and we have some plants left from the previous residents. There are two topiaries (one in the ground and one in a container) and a peace lily (in the container), which are almost dying.

Potted topiary is pruning new leaves from the bottom but the top half is all dry. Inground topiary is all dry. Is there any way I can bring these two to life.

Peace lily is green and growing with new leaves all the time but in a few days, there are holes in these leaves. I am thinking insects are eating these leaves. What can I do to save this plant. I have recently repotted the peace lily.

Thank you.

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Keep in mind that a green thumb is not about having luck with plants... it's all about having the knowledge to properly care for the plants of your choosing, and applying that knowledge.

I would figure out exactly what kind of plants your topiary are, and go from there. Each type of plant has slightly different needs... with respect to light, moisture, etc... and caring for container plants will be different than caring for plants planted directly in the ground.

You can do a quick google search for information on each plant type, once you know their common names, and you should be able to locate a lot of basic information on the care, the likes and dislikes or do's and dont's, which will make caring for them easy.

Or, you can search here... for general care info on the peace lily, try the Houseplants Forum. For the topiary, I believe there's a Topiary Forum... all right here at GardenWeb.

As for the peace lily, they are generally easy plants to care for... though, they do seem to wilt quickly when not enough moisture is present... though, you also don't want to overwater... I've included a link to a great store of information on the basics of potted plant care, how water behaves in soil, etc... I think it will help you in your quest for knowledge in container gardening.

Happy Growing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Basic Container Knowledge

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