Reusing a septic tank as a dry well

natural-sensApril 11, 2011

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, couldn't see anywhere else.

Old septic tank located right where part of a drainage swale was to run. Now that I have unearthed it I am considering using it as overflow for said drainage swale.

Any reason why a defunct septic tank cant be used as makeshift dry well for low volume overflow?

Any advice or words of caution would be appreciated.


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In my state it would be illegal. It also should have been pumped clean and filled with sand when abandoned (in my state). It also is a tank and once full, it will no longer serve any purpose at all because it won't drain. .... if it was a leaching field, that would be different.

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From the research I have done a septic tank is most commonly accompanied with a leaching field at its base, no?

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