What do I with all this sand?

lana_langApril 24, 2010

I just bought a home in the Northern CA San Joaquin valley. The backyard has a large area of sand that is about 15 inches deep. There used to be an above-ground pool on the sand, but the pool is long gone.

Having the sand removed and replaced with soil is going to be an expensive project, so I am trying to figure out what other options I have. Are there any plants that do well in sand? Any suggestions for what kind of garden I could create in the space? I bet in the long run I could save a lot on my water bill by planting some drought-resistant plants there, but I need to make it a space that can be enjoyed as part of my backyard as well. Ideas?


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oops, I made a typo in the subject line!

Anyway, I thought a drawing of my yard might help. Click on the link below.

My yard has kind of a strange layout. The soil/sand areas are raised about 6 inches from the patio level with a wood retaining "wall".

As you can see, the sandy area is quite a large part of my yard, so I want it to be enjoyable. I have kids, so I think putting in a swing set is a good idea. The small soil area that sticks out from the sandy area is where I want to put my veggie garden because it gets the most sunlight.

Any other bright ideas would be appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: my yard drawing

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Having sand can be a resource. I had a similar situation. I was putting in an above ground pool (cheap inflatabe one to try out my desire for a real one). I extended my playset's sand fall protection sand layer to create a level area for the pool. The pool was too cold being in the woodland shade and too much effort, so it went away, which left me with a similar large sand footprint. Hauling off the sand was not an option for me anyway. Some of the sand. I used for making pathways in other parts of the garden. The rest amended with loam and peat, and put in a top layer of topsoil/loam over the mix for planting. Pines and azaleas and daylillies have been thriving in the area since then.

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I think you should take all the sand up and put in a pond he he..I love ponds :)

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Grass will grow in sand and send roots down to soil.
You need to provide water and fertilizer tho. (lots in the beginning)

You could grade it out, level the sand over the entire grass area and re-seed.

Conversely, you have the beginnings of a golf course, eh?

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Fori is not pleased

oops. bad bump. apologies.

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