Aphids Are Devouring My Plants!

JenWiseMay 24, 2013

I began noticing brown spots and edge-crinkling on many of my plants' leaves about a month ago, and soon after discovered hundreds of aphids and their offspring. I keep spraying everything with a Bonide All-Season Organic Spray Oil and water mixture, and it does the trick for a while, but new aphid families keep cropping up. They've devoured my bleeding heart, lettuce and cilantro, and I suspect they're the reason my beloved lilac bush is looking sickly. The other problem is that, despite the fact that all my plants are on the approved list for treatment with the Bonide, many of the petals and leaves become translucent and soaked with the oil then die anyway. I can't pressure spray them and let plain old water do the job because my balcony doesn't drain terribly well. Does anyone out there have a tried and true trick to getting rid of aphids? And is there an abnormally large amount of them this year? I've never had problems like this with them. They haunt my dreams! Thanks for any help.

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Besides the oils and soaps, ladybugs and green lacewings do a damn good job on them.

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Thanks! I went to my local park and found some tall plants with ladybug larvae all over them, filled a container with about 50 and now they're going to town on the aphids!

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It sounds like your organic spray was doing its job. -However it only kills the adults, while leaving the eggs intact. Therefore it needs to be reapplied every fourth day or so.

Good to hear the aphids are doing the work for you!

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I am having the same problem this year! And never have in the past. I've been using a mixture of Dawn and tap water in a spray bottle, but I recently noticed some spider mites as well so I bought Ortho Mathalion concentrate. It's too soon to tell, but I'm not convinced it's working. I'm intrigued by the lady bug information. Is it helping?

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