adjusting gritty mix

patiogarden_2010May 18, 2011

Help me with this one gang..... I'm potting a kiwi vine (A. Kolomikta) in gritty mix. Kiwi likes slightly acidic to neutral soil, is a shallow rooted woody deciduous vine, and needs to be moist all the time but root rot is it's #1 enemy. Also, once established it's a heavy nitrogen feeder.

The pot is 20" wide by about 18" deep? Holds about 10 gallons of soil. What would be your starting guess as to the mix and fertilizer to use? I was thinking about 1.5turface, 0.5 granite,1 pine bark. I will probably miss some watering days... and use just a hose (plain water) other days. I'm a busy person.

The container is technically a self watering 1 got from gardeners supply last year. I holds up to 4 gallons in the resevoir.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Can you remove the reservoir if necessary?

I would stick with the original recipe. With that volume, there will be plenty of moisture.

Foliage Pro fertilizer seems to be a one-size fits all. Provides everything needed.


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I don't want to alter the pot. I find I have to top water some with a regular potting mix because the plant has so many shallow roots.

It will be interesting to see the plant after I take it out of the potting mix it's been in for the past year. Then I can get a better visual of the roots of this plant. There is almost no info on kiwi in container culture.

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