Epiphytic landscapes

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)April 29, 2013

Anyone know where I can find some info on this subject.?? have been a collector ,okay hoarder for many years And most were housed in shadehouses but hurricane wiped out small one and the large needs definite overhaul. hurricane also wiped out the "canopy" but has returned and have been moving offsets ,hardier ones out into the landscape ,have given away sold about half but still have around 300 plants requiring special care . i have arranged those with similar needs into "beds/ groupings allowing the erection of temporay GH.
The obvious answer would be Botanical gardens condensed of course lol but can't find layout plans
Any help with this?? Thanks gary

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Do not understand what you are trying to achieve. What do you mean, " ...plans for botanical gardens condensed... "?

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

The question is somewhat cryptic but it sounds like you have a large collection of epiphytes and would like to plant them out in an aesthetically pleasing landscape arrangement and are looking for plans.
Sorry to say but you won't find a set of plans premade for this application.
Your best bet would be to hire a landscape designer who can analyze your property's conditions ( soil, sun, water, wind, existing plants and structures) and take inventory of your plants and come up with a custom design that responds to your specific budget, site and maintenance requirements.

You might find some nice inspirational ideas in books, on the web and at botanical gardens but these will give you general ideas to build upon.

For an exact plan specific to you and your plants , you require someone to plan that for you and that would be a landscape designer.

Inspirational gardens that use a fair amount of epiphytes to browse would be :
Selby Gardens and Fairchild Bot Gardens.
Another good resource would be your local Bromeliad Society Club. Often the clubs have open garden tours of their members gardens who have large collections of epiphytes.

Photo- bromeliad garden by David Feix, S.F. Bromeliad Club member

Photo- A concrete wall in Singapore leading to the entry of "Hort Park". - a demonstration garden offering dozens and dozens of horticultural design ideas. It's like a garden show that is open all year round set in a park like setting.
From Vertical - hanging gardens From Vertical - hanging gardens

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Arrangement has notjing to do with aesthetics just keeping them alive through the year Most of the plants of greatest concern are orchids ,ferns and epi cacti as well as understory palms. but then only those that are very sensitive to temps/light/ water. Wanted to do away with shadehouses. Both Fairchild and Selby both use standard GHs By condensed I meant that the GHs alone cover 3 times my property lol Ah if only I had the climate of Singa pore no problem at all, though no high altitudes for sure.
Have been unable to find any landscape people who can identify the plants let alone plan an arrangement lol
I do have my basic 'canopy" back and I like the arrangement so I'm left with experimenting??
Anyway thanks for the input!!! Too bad they don't have a "hoarder" forum?? gary

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