MG for SWC's?

Azjohn(8b)May 8, 2012

Can anyone suggest how I might properly use MG water soluble all purpose plant food in my SWC's? When getting them ready for the season I added some peat, but no fertilizer. I am hoping I might use diluted MG from the top. I am growing tomatos, peppers and melons presently.

Thanks, John

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The idea behind SWC is the plant takes what it needs from the always available solid ferts due to the wicking action. You certainly can fertilize by top watering but I think you then have more of a typical container grown situaion. I add solid ferts in a stip at the top of my SWC. I have a very long growing season so I typically supplement with water soluable ferts (Calcium nitrate, seaweed, etc) in the watering tube.

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