Plants for hot/cold atrium

peachiekean(z10A CA)May 12, 2011

My condo has a 10x10 atrium with 10-12 foot walls on four sides and a sliding door opening on the 4th wall into the house. Half of it is covered by a pergola. I'd like to put a couple of square planters in 2 corners with some tall greenery. They need to withstand the heat and mid day sun of spring and summer and the dark and cold of winter. There is not a whole lot of air movement even though it's open to the sky. Does anyone have experience with this type of garden? I'm mostly concerned with the sunny corner where greenery is needed the most. In the shaded part, begonias do well. I've never really put a permanent plant in the sun for fear of it frying. Suggestions welcome. Thx.

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