Suggestions for Patio Drainage (small, unwanted pond)

kpc77April 4, 2014

I am looking for suggestions regarding a backyard patio drainage issue. The picture shows what our patio looks like during a heavy rain with a puddle about 2 inches deep in the deepest spot.

The rest of the yard does not seem to have any problem draining, although there is some shallow pooling of water in the grass barely visible behind the chair in the center of the picture.

Is the solution here to remove dirt around the patio? I know the previous owner used tons of mulch in this area of the yard and think that may have raised the yard. However, I am not sure the solution is that simple and have also been thinking about french drains and other more complex solutions.

I am also considering redoing the patio by adding pavers or tile on top but want to address the drainage first or if possible as part of that project.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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The picture only shows where water is trapped, not how it could get out (which requires knowledge of grade of the surrounding area.)

Trees raise grade as they grow (due to ever enlarging roots) and the picture shows that might be the likeliest cause of ponding at the patio edge. Previous planting and mulching at the edge could also have contributed, as could have the existence of turf. It raises grade over time as well.

The solution is to lower the grade surrounding the patio and allow the water to drain away (if this is possible) ... or, raise the grade of the patio, such as by installing a new surface over the old one (if this is possible. It depends how grades interface with the house.) Since you intend to install a new surface, that's probably the easiest way to deal with this problem.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Two previous owners laid sod on top of sod and this raised our yard considerably! We are in process of grading down what they added (sod is a couple inches thick), and resurfacing / aka coating the concrete.

Have a few concrete contractors give you bids on roughing up and filling low spots and resurfacing. It's pretty amazing what they can do.

Since drainage is an issue, try to find a landscaper who also does concrete. That way one guy can handle the drainage AND the concrete.

Good luck to you!


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