'patio' area for log swing

grullablue(5)April 2, 2012

We have had a large log swing for several years now, and I love it. However, it is now up against the east side of our house, where I can sit and watch the sun go down...or watch our horses/donkeys in the pasture. I would like to make it more permanent. It is very hard for me to try to move it when I mow the lawn....(the bench seat is big enough for three people, with room for another, possibly). It becomes such a hassle every time I mow....it is just sitting in grass.

I would love some ideas to make something for it to sit on. Like a small patio type thing out in the yard. What I have in my head is some sort of oval area, perhaps with room to plant a couple shrubs on each side....with the ground around it being some sort of crushed gravel, and a border of some sort to keep the gravel/peagravel in. Does anyone have any pictures of something they've done similar to my idea? What are my gravel options? We use a crushed limestone for our barn floor....would something like that be suitable? I would then put weed barrier down before (for something like this, do I still need a base of larger rock first?) and don't mind spraying for weeds in this area from time to time. But this swing is so big, one of these days I'm going to hurt myself moving it...I don't often have help at the time I need it.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

gravel near a mowing area is dangerous.
wouldn't suggest it unless you were in a war zone and wanted a cheap small missle launcher.

Suggest a compacted decomposed granite, flagstone, pavers, an insert of faux lawn or decking.

From portfolioMay08.jpg

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That is absolutely beautiful! I'd thought of pavers, stone, etc...but afraid it may be more than I can afford.... you know, might not be the greatest to walk on, but we're never outside barefoot...but maybe even mulch? Don't know why I didn't think of it before...

As far as my gravel thought though....what I was thinking of (I know I've seen it), but it's really more gravel dust than anything....and packs down fairly hard. Any rocks that would be in there are tiny. Yeah, I know about the dangers of rocks....my hubby was out mowing onetime and somehow there was a rock in the backyard...probably moved up from the soil...and it hit one of the windows in our living room.......cracked it.

Thanks! Perhaps mulch is a better idea that whatever it is I've been thinking about! Of course, I know it would need to be reapplied...


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What is Faux lawn? Fake grass?

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