Where Does Your Landscaping Inspiration Come From?

posyplanterApril 25, 2013

Hi y'all,
I'd like to hear where others gather ideas and inspiration from for landscaping, hardscaping, etc. Also, what are the best magazines for landscaping ideas [for real people who don't have a paid staff of gardeners to maintain their yards, btw! :) ]

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The books and magazines with landscape photos abound and any of them can contain images that inspire. But what inspires most is great landscaping that one gets to see in real life. Usually, most of us live not too far from some great public garden so those are places to start. For me personally, what ranks as the MOST inspirational public garden is Williamsburg. It is chocked full of handsome details and enduring arrangements. I note that you live in Virginia so if you haven't visited it yet, it's well worth the trip. Other major inspiration for me is sites of ancient antiquities. They all have something to offer (thinking more about hardscape than planting.)

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I'll add (now that I see the significance of your maintenance comment) that keeping shapes bold and simple greatly minimizes plant maintenance. What's more, such shapes are usually visually stronger and more dramatic than the "busier" schemes. I like to maintain plants, but I don't like to feel like I'm spinning my wheels and being inefficient. There's always enough to do that one does not need to go out of their way building in additional maintenance. Simple and bold does not mean "uninteresting." Usually it means MORE interesting and is easier to perceive without detailed study. What I find is usually the weak point in the average yard is poorly worked out geometry. People try to cover or distract from this by using a complex planting arrangement or excessive details (cheap, raised edging immediately comes to mind.)

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I get my ideas from walks in my 'hood and the trails within. Native plants, trees, and grasses need less maintenance than a fancy landscape design, and they thrive with whatever the seasons have to bring. No paid staff here. We take care of our landscape and gardens with a mower, a grass hog, a rake, a hoe, some garden tools, a chain saw, a couple of rain barrels, and hope.

The local nurseries are wealth of information and hopefully have plants or advice for plantings that will work in your landscape :)

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I find houzz to be an awesome site! If you want to hone in on something more specific such as front yard/patio/flower bed, use that in your search box. You could be on this site for a whole day! ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz

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Hello again, and thanks for the feedback! These ideas have got me goin again; my imagination was beginning to lag.
Yardvaark, thanks for the suggestions; I'm definitely one that prefers simplicity and quality over a hodge podge, although having bought an older home [with an overgrown, neglected yard:) ] we still have some of that, along with some old trees and shrubs that have become favorites. If I could just snap my fingers and propagate what we have here, I wouldn't need much else. The key is in knowing how and where to situate everything....
I guess I'll blame you for my newfound fascination with moss; it's everywhere [at least online, in pictures] at old historic sites, and I actually like the look lol!
Sasafras, that's just what I need to do anyway, and much more enjoyable than visiting the "big box" store :).
Pattycakes, thanks for the link, and you're right, - one could spend all afternoon on that site. Looks yummy! Great for a rainy day [with no place I have to be!] and a cup of tea.......or two or three or four..... :)

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....and of course there's pinterest. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: more landscape

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"The key is in knowing how and where to situate everything.... " You can get some help for that here if you lay the groundwork.

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....as well as WHAT. ;o)

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Hi again, and thanks for the suggestions.
Pattycakes, I've been enjoying the Houzz website immensely! We had some rainy weather recently, and my kids' school is out for the summer, so I had a little more time than [the usual] five min. here and there to spend. It has become a useful tool for me; thanks! ......and yes, there's pinterest; some pretty inspiration there as well.
Yardvaark, I wish I could hire you! ......and yes, I definitely want to upload some photos in another post for you "creative geniuses" to look at ......thanks!

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"Yardvaark, I wish I could hire you! You can. But you have to find me outside of this forum as forum rules prohibit one from advertising or soliciting (even though some do it here in a slightly underhanded, surreptitious manner.)

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