Repotting, worth it?

Phildeez(9b)May 17, 2011

If a mix seems to be holding too much moisture, is it worth the stress to repot? The amount of moisture is not causing disease or any serious problems, yet, but I think the plant would be better off with less retention (peat?).

Plant in question is a yellowing Tabasco pepper in an ~3 gallon pot. The plant is about 8 inches tall and not producing fruit yet.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I'd be inclined to bare root it and repot into an appropriate mix. I'd probably strip some of the bottom branches and plant extra deep in a fast draining soil. I'm pretty confident that even with the setback from the repot, in the long run your plant(s) will perform better than the limited potential offered by a poor mix.


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It is supposed to be 5-1-1 but I clearly botched the peat measurement because it stays wet twice as long as my others and the plant is yellowing. It is visible that there is way too much peat, maybe one too many beers that evening.

Considering particle size is OK, and measurements are off, would you still recommend bare rooting? I could not plant deeper without true leaves touching medium.

P.s. all my other veggies in good 5-1-1 are thriving, thanks for the help thus far, Al.


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