quick look: is my gritty mix ok?

michael_amesMay 30, 2013

I've been planning on making Al's gritty mix for ages and finally got around to it a few weeks ago. I'm planning to use it for the plants in my office, which have long-suffered in heavy, overwatered soils.

For the ingredients, I used:
-mini pine bark nuggets
-NAPA floor dry
-5mm birdseye gravel

I'll admit my screening process wasn't perfect; the floor dry and the gravel were both screened to remove dust, but no further. The pine bark was screened to remove anything under 1/8" and then I manually removed anything larger.
The bark pieces are a bit longer than I would have expected but they are quite thin/flat.

I've attached a few photos and would greatly appreciate a quick look/assessment. I've repotted 2 plants in this so far but before I do the rest I'd love to get some feedback.

My only concern now is that it when I water a lot flows quickly into the saucer. If that's normal, then I'll just buy some bigger saucers - but I wanted to check first.


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Here's another photo of a plant (ficus elastica) in the mix.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Hard to tell because I don't know what the coin is. My first impression is that it's on the coarse side ..... good for the plants if you can keep up with the watering.

Screen your floor-dry and grit over aluminum insect screen next time.


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oh sorry - that's a Canadian dime, almost identical in size to an American one.

I do think I'll need to re-learn how to know when the plant needs water; I usually use the dowel/chopstick test but now the difference between wet and dry isn't as obvious.

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