Pine Bark Mulch/Fines source in Boston Area/MA

belmonterMay 14, 2014

Anyone know of a source in the greater Boston area/Eastern Mass. for Pine/Fir bark fines/mulch needed for Al's 5-1-1 mix for containers?
Many thanks!

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Hi belmonter, I don't live in your area so I can't provide specifics.

Are there any Agway stores in your area? If so, they might be good sources of bark. Others on this forum have posted great photos of pine bark purchased at their local Agway stores.

You can also try the big box stores in your area, but there's a good probability that you won't find usable pine bark fines/mulch there. Some people on this forum DO find usable pine or fir bark there, but many others do not.

There must be some smaller family-owned garden centers in the Boston area. I would contact them and ask.

Hope that helped.


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I did check the Agway but they had the Forest Pines 100% Pine Bark Mulch which was larger in size (not fine) and had some sapwood. Not sure if anyone here has used that brand before for the 511 mix.
Nothing at the big box stores.
Will check local garden centers.


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I'm in Framingham and have also been looking for Pine Bark, haven't had much luck. Russell's in Wayland has Pine--something, I'm entirely sure if it's the right stuff.

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The Agway in Chelmsford has the Agway Brand Pine Bark Mulch that you can use straight out of the bag. You can search the forum to find the pictures of the bag. I got 3 bags today and they have a pallet!

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That's great news! I'm happy you found some usable pine bark. Quite a few people in the Northeast seem to have good luck finding pine bark at Agway stores so that's why I mentioned it as a possibility.

If you get a chance I'd like to see what the bark looks like right out of the bag. I've heard that it's nearly perfect with little, if any, screening necessary.

The pine bark I have found this year comes from KMart garden center of all places. It's usable for what I need, but it has quite a bit of sapwood in it. I'm sure the quality is lower than what you just bought.



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Chelmsford is where I get mine too...The best part is that it is southern pine bark...Very good stuff..
You hit the jackpot..Now I need to stock up too..

Also if you want a mix as close to the 5.1.1 mix, try Griffins Greenhouse Supplies in Tewksbury M.A..We are lucky to have access to the Fafard Mixes everyone wants..

With that all I have to do is add perlite..Sometimes I will even sift out just a little of the peat and get the perfect mix!

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Russell's has Forest Pines 3/8" Mini Nuggets, would that be the right stuff?


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