Please help me create a privacy hedge!

skoobaApril 14, 2014

Hello, we built a house not too long ago and the lot next to us was empty at the time. However, now there is a large 2 story house that looks right down into our courtyard and I would like to basically wall it off with trees/shrubs. We planted 3 large queen palms which helps give the courtyard a more tropical feel to it, but they are still too high to effectively block off the house next door. For context, in the picture attached, the top of the wall is about 6 feet high, and the screen goes up to about 13 feet before it angles back towards the house. I'm looking for something to plant between the palms to fill in the space and create a wall of greenery. I would prefer low maintenance, but at this point I honestly don't care, I just want the privacy. The area gets a decent amount of sun between 11am - 3pm, but the queens obviously will provide a good amount of shade.

Any suggestions?

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could you add a picture that shows the area from outside of the screen enclosure?

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sure, here you go

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Possible choices, you would have to research these further:
Fragrant tea olive, mockorange, bamboo (non-invasive types), Little Gem magnolia. I was looking for something that would be evergreen (since your zone allows you year-round use of your area) and fairly narrow.

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Oh also possibly camellias.

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We looked into Bamboo, specifically Graceful. But my wife had some reservations, thinking it will grow out too much and still be too tall for the area. I'll do some research on the others you mentioned. Thanks!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I would place the palms elsewhere. Also recommend you have the flower stalks trimmed off every year right after bloom because the ripened fruit makes a stinking g-dawful mess.

I think you would be far better off putting a fabric screening material that is used on greenhouses or a window film on part of your glass roofing to create a privacy screen rather than using plants. You don't have a lot of room there and maintenance will always be an issue. Bamboo is inherently messy and is not "low maintenance".

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Thanks for your input. We are also considering some sort of outdoor blinds for the vertical portion of the screen. Window film isn't an option because everything is screen, no glass.

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Rhapis palm would do it but require a root barrier so as not to invade the neighbor's yard. More conventional solution: Viburnum odoratissimum. Love tea olive & camellia, but have yet to have luck with these plants here. Not sure why ... the sandy soil my require large amounts of organic matter to be added.

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