Rainy/cold weather... How to protect plants?

MDutton(6a)May 1, 2013

So... I broke a big rule in gardening: I planted too early. :(

...And mother nature is not being kind this year.

Our weather for the next couple days "shouldn't" dip below 32 degrees... But it'll be close. Lows around 35 tomorrow night, and rain. The plants I have out (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers) are too tall or wide to fit under milk jugs. I had considering putting old pillowcases over them, supported by sticks... But I'm not sure how well that will work if it's going to pour down the rain.

I live in an apartment, so indoor space is limited. I can move a few of the smaller pots inside, but the majority of them will have to stay out.

Is there anything I can do to protect them from bad weather? Any creative ideas? Or should I just plan on buying fresh starts in a couple weeks?

Thanks in advance!


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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

If no frost or freeze, you should be ok, but protection can't hurt. Got any tarps, or old sheets? Anything is better than nothing. I don't think you planted too early. Freaky weather happens!

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They're calling for some possible snow accumulations tonight into tomorrow... 1-3" possible. (Really, Mother Nature??)

If I cover the plants with old sheets, do I need to worry about the rain? My thought is that a sopping wet sheet under snow isn't going to provide a lot of protection, but I really have no idea. LOL I could definitely use a tarp or some plastic sheeting, but I don't want to suffocate the poor plants, either.

In my defense, I've only lived in Missouri about 2.5 years... I grew up in southwest Florida, where this kind of weather isn't a problem at the first of May. ;-)

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