Correct size fir bark chance -- needed input from forum members

briana_2006May 10, 2011

Hello All �

After reading many of the posts on the Gritty mix preparation it seems clear the bark in the size range of 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch long is quite difficult to find.

At least some (myself included) are using the Zoomed Repti Bark product.

I spoke with a representative of Zoomed this afternoon trying to advance the idea to them to screen and sell bagged material in this size range.

The lady I spoke with said she would relay it to the sales department.

I just sent an email to the company stating what I believe is significant interest in this product.

In that I email I stated I would encourage others to email in an effort to show the company the interest in this product.

So, if you are so inclined please email them at

to express your interest.

Perhaps if enough people do this we will be able to buy this product.



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I sent one.

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Thanks Cebury -

I hope others send emails as well.

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I am planning to attempt my first use of Al's Gritty Mix for a Japanese Maple. I was unable to find Turface locally so will be using NAPA's oil absorbant, #8552, nor was I able to find the fir bark fines recommended - though others have said EarthGro Groundcover Bark is the right size and available at their local Home Depots, they don't seem to carry it here in Colorado.

So, I, too, will be using the ZooMed Repti-Bark from PetSmart. I was under the impression that this bark was the correct size right out of the bag, but from your post, Brian, I take it the size is too big? Now what? :-(

I would be happy to email ZooMed but my tree will be arriving next week so I need a solution now.


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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

I think the correct # for the NapA should be #8822

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dickiefickle - you are correct! And #8822 is what I purchased - I don't know how I came up with "8552!" Sorry about that!


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