Lava rock in dirt - wanting to plant grass

renovatingwomanApril 2, 2011

The former owners of my house/foreclosure I bought put lava rock in the strip by the road. I put in a path and am wanting grass, the lava rock half washed away according to a neighbor but there's some left. There's about an inch of room I could spread out dirt from the back yard on top of. Would that help? Or what would I do to prep the strip so that I could plant seed. I don't think I can afford sod but if that's the answer I could if need be. In the front yard I've been successful at seeding and getting the grass to mostly come back, but of course there was no lava rock. I'm new to landscaping.

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First, you have to get rid of the lava rock. If you can rake it into one pile, you can offer it on craigslist for someone to come and take it. It's amazing what people will take if it's free.

After the lava rock is gone, you can add dirt if it's low and seed it. Of you could plant different plants and go crazy so long as you know they might get stepped on and have snow thrown on them, etc., etc.

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