Lanscaping Ideas Around Deck

pmsmith2032(5b Suburbs of Chicago)April 4, 2014

I am looking for some ideas of how to landscape an area around our deck and pool. I've designated the area with a red circle in the aerial photo below.

Basically, I'm looking to form beds now (I'm receiving a truckload of mulch tomorrow) and then fill them in with shrubs and/or perennials later. The blue circle designates an area where I'll make a firepit. Here are some more pictures of the area:
Deck - facing toward back of yard (east). Middle of deck lattice are on tracks for access under deck.:

Deck stairs - facing southeast:

South lot line - area between and side of yard. Three beautybushes and three red-twig dogwoods are planted.

Another picture os south lot line. This one shows the area that will have a firepit in the foreground. Firepit will be made with rocks and will have gravel or sand surrounding it.

Picture facing southeast:

Right now I am thinking of surrounding the pool filter with gravel and then the rest of the area between the pool and fence with with mulch.Thanks in advance!

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Since the pool is the dominant element and things are already leaning in a circular might consider building on that theme for the path and the firepit area. (The existing bedline at the other side of yard would be improved if the flat spots were rounded and the whole line were more fluid.)

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pmsmith2032(5b Suburbs of Chicago)

Thanks. I was planning on cleaning up the lines on the beds this spring. Any opionions on how big to make the beds around the deck and what to do between the pool and south fence? Obviously I need to make mulch beds around the red-twig dogwoods and the beautybushes but I'm not sure on how big they should be or if I should just get rid of all the grass in this area.

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While you might keep grass near the path, you also have the option of having low groundcover plants there. I would get rid of grass between pool and fence. It would be better to be trees, shrubs, groundcover, perennials, etc.

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pmsmith2032(5b Suburbs of Chicago)

Thanks. I. assuming it would be advised to make small mulch beds around the deck maybe a couple of feet out with the exception of the sliding door access to the deck (leave this part grass)?

Also, what it the best way to get more fluid lines on the beds? Normally I would use a hose but it is pretty cold out and the hose isn't very flexible.

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sure ... about the mulch around the deck.

The best way to develop fluid lines is with the paint marking wand:

The long handled ones work well. You cannot create fluid lines with the short-handled markers. It seems like one might not need this tool for just a few lines, but I find that it is frequently handy for projects around the yard. I use it for layout of everything and general imagineering and brainstorming. What if ____ was here? ... or there ...?? It's much easier to envision the placement of an object with just a simple line on the ground.

To use it, first, create a dotted line. Step back, appraise it from various viewpoints. Make any corrections with a dashed line, and when you get it close enough to correct, mark out the final line with a solid paint line. When new at using this tool, it's helpful to have a different color paint for the final line, as it can get pretty messy. When using the tool, don't look at the line, but at the destination instead. (You won't use the wheel. Let the tool float above the ground surface.)

If you get, make sure to buy MARKING wand and MARKING paint. Don't get STRIPING wand or STRIPING paint.

Oh yeah ... if you need a PERFECT circle (and you might) drive a stake at the radius point and tie to the paint marker with a line. May take experimentation, but does a great job.

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I've also used flour in a squeeze bottle, like a mustard or catsup holder to draw lines (as long as it's not windy).

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