My sieve's and things

JerryVenturaMay 1, 2011

Hello again,

These are just a few pic's of my sifting tools and recently re-potted plants.

My Lemon Verbena

My herbs

My blue sieve's and one of my worm bin level's that I use to rinse off all my materials, works great.

I know the sieve's are small, but, I have lot's of time to sift, and once I've re-potted everything I will only be doing one pot here and there, these blue sieve's stack and don't take up much room. Below the table is the sifted leftover material that I'm going to use in a hypertufa project.

My sifted material, two sifted sizes of Turface, pumice and perlite.

That's it for now,


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Where did you get your sieves?

Still early in the process, as I have not yet obtained any of the materials, and yours look good for small scale home gardeners. :)

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I like them because they take up very little room, not so cheap though, but I like them.

Keene Engineering:

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Is your lemon verbena growing in a full pot of hydroton? Just wondering the specifics, because I've had a hard time getting hydroton to work the way I want it to.

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The hydroton is just sitting on the top for looks

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Thanks for link! :)


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Someone sent me an email about the size of the blue sieve's, I accidentily deleted it thinking it was also on here, sorry :-(

Email me again and I will be more carefull.


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