Simple Landscaping for new house

kellycrashApril 17, 2011

We purchased a new home last fall and we have absolutely no landscaping! I am look for some very basic/simple ideas for shrubs to plant in front of the house. I'd like to get started with something and perhaps add to it later on.

I am thinking some basic boxwoods, then some type of ornamental grass and then perennials.

The problem is I am not familiar with what grows well in central Massachusetts. Also pretty dumb when it comes to plant names/types and how they grow & what is suitable. Ideas welcome. Thank you!

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I forgot to add the house is West facing.

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boxwood and karl forester grass. boring.

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I don't really like the looks of that karl forester grass from what I'm seeing online. Will have to check it out in person. Sorry if you think my ideas are boring. I'm open to suggestions. I'm looking for something simple/clean & not very expensive to get me started.

What about fire grass?

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think the best place for you to get ideas is likely your local nursery, where they will only have plants that do grow well in your area, and where you can study plant tags and ask questions (at least, if go to a real nursery you can ask questions, not so much at the big boxes).

You are really asking a plant selection question, not so much layout and land use, which might be more the issues that fit with landscaping. We are more likely to discuss, for example, the best width/design/location for your walkway and landing pad than we are to suggest plants to accompany one that has already been laid.


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I agree with Karin. Start at your local nursery. They know what works in your area and they sellplants by giving good advice.

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