8-gallon options?

King_Kale(7)May 22, 2013

Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and I want to thank everyone ahead of time for their time and info. I recently purchased three 8-gallon Oregon Breather growing containers. They are similar to the Smart-Pot but are more ruggedly builty, and from what I gather were the original fabric pot. Anywho, I researched tons of diff tomato varieties to grow in an 8-gallon container (14" W x 12" H), but ended up with 1,000 diff answers. I finally decided on the determinate "Sweet Tangerine" hybrid. But before I pull the trigger, I wanted to see if any of you have had success growing indeterminate varieties in an 8-gallon pot. I've heard a couple diff people swear by the 5 gallon bucket method, and if that's true then I would have plenty of room. I would like to grow some indeterminate cherry tomatoes, and my potting mix will be a modified version of Al's 5-1-1 with an added 1-part compost. Not only is it a perfect proportion for an 8-gallon container, but it should aid in water retention, since the OB is already built for plenty of root aeration and drainage. Anyways, I'd love to hear what you guys think, and pics would be awesome. Thanks.

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