Mulching my Earthtainers

Athenian(USDA 10B/Sunset 22)May 26, 2012

My two Earthtainers seem to be doing well and I've just put some bark over the one with peppers.

I'm wondering though, whether it's necessary with the cucumbers. The cucumbers seem to be doing well -- six of the eight plants are really growing and I just had to add the second story to the cage. The cage is so filled that two of the plants are hardly growing; I think because they are so shaded. Do I really need to cover the plastic in this case?



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I think we have a current thread on this very topic. I have Earthboxes which (I think) is what Raybo expanded on with his Earthtainers. EB is designed as a closed system, not so much to prevent evaporation as to prevent top water from rain entering the system. The system relies on the growing medium to wick up water from below for optimum dispersal of the ferts. Top watering, or rain causes the ferts to break down much more quickly, as they would in a regular top watered container. I live in SoCal also, and we stop getting rain long about April. I left an EB uncovered last year, and just placed some bark fines on the top to help prevent water loss from evaporation.

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