Transplanting tomatoes with cages

mozzlesMay 26, 2012

I've got some tomato plants that I thought were in big enough pots, but they seem to have outgrown them and I want to ensure proper growing conditions. They're in 5-8 gallon pots, not sure of the exact size.

I want to put them into bigger pots, but a couple of them already have tomato cages in. I had to do a lot of reaching stems around it to get the cages in, was worried that it might hurt the plant but seemed to do fine.

Also, I've found out that the soil I've been using is not ideal. When/if transplanting, would it be a good idea to shake some of the soil off the roots before transplanting?

Sorry if any of my questions have been answered already, I've been reading the forum everyday since starting this project, it's my first year gardening.


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Zac: How long have your tomatoes been growing in their current containers? How tall are they? How much bigger are the containers you want to move them into? Based on your zone, I would guess that the tomatoes have not taken off yet. If so, I think you will probably be able to pull off a transplant without setting them back too much. I would try not to disturb the roots too much and try to plant more deeply. The trickiest part will be moving the cages along with the plants. The top of the plant is more vulnerable to permanent damage than the roots. If you have a helper you might be able to keep the plant and cage together while transplanting, which I would try to do.

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