Need help please, how to add dirt to a dropoff along a fence

lakedawgsApril 8, 2012


The corner of my property drops off a bit. We are talking 8" - 12". I have a chainlink fence right there also. I want to add dirt to this area. What would you used to put up against the fence to keep the dirt from just passing through? I thought about maybe 1/4" piece of plywood or something but was not sure if there was a better option.



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How long has it been this way and why are you making the change? What are the conditions on the other side of the fence? A picture that explains what's up wouldn't hurt.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

1/4 " plywood won't last all that long in constant contact with moist soil. You'd probably be better off using a 2 by 12 " pressure treated Douglas fir board against the base of the fence, and only building up the soil about 8 " or so. Depending on the depth of footings of the posts, you might end up causing the fence to lean out from the additional pressure, and adding additional 1-1/2" diameter galvanized steel vertical supports at 4' on center between each assumed 8' o.c. existing post, with sufficient depth suited to your climatic conditions

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