jessica0224(z6 RI)May 8, 2005


I'm brand new to the group and have a question already....my son brought a pumpkin plant home from cub scouts and it has sprouted and is growing like crazy. I don't have any land and have started a container garden this year, so is it possible to grow one pumkin seed/plant in a container? And if so, how big a container would I need?

Thank you!


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You could probably do OK with a 5 gallon bucket. I would limit the fruits to 1 or 2, though. Make sure the soil drains well and be careful not to over-water. This will be your natural tendency. Stick a pencil full-length into the soil to check for need to water. If the pencil is damp, no watering necessary. I would also insert a wick into drain-hole for extra drainage until the plant is well established & showing signs of needing water daily.


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silybum(Sunset 16/z8b)

I just learned at a lecture this weekend, that pumpkins like to grow up tree's. So if you have a tree in a container already, just put it in the same pot. Plant it in a mound of compost. If not, add a trellis to your container and train it to grow vertical.

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cjm559(z5 Illinois)

How many pumpkin plants can you reasonably put in a 5 gallon bucket? I am wanting the pumpkin plant's more for the pumpkin bloosoms to fry than letting come to fruit.

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SheldaH(6a WV)

frying pumkin blossoms...very interesting...would love instructions on that.

Also wondering about growing pumkins vines on tree or trelis, is that only if you're not wanting to produce pumpkins? Seems like the pumpkin would be too heavy....

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There's a picture in the Square Foot Gardening book of melons trained up supports, with the melons suspended from the trellis in slings made of pantyhose. Might work with a small enough pumpkin. Would be fun to try, what a marvel to have a big one suspended like that.

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Pumpkin blooms, also squash blooms, are very good dipped in a Tempura like batter and then fried. Crisp and a real treat rather than onion rings. At my age, we use them as a garnish to be used as a treat. Adds much interest to the plate.

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cjm559(z5 Illinois)

When I was younger we always had planted many many pumpkin plants just for the flowers each year to eat/ we sold the extra. I donot ever remember having pumpkins from them. Anyway You pull off the flower , pull out the stamin (?)and throw it away. You should only have the yellow part of the flower left. Rinse gently in water. Dip in egg, roll in finely crushed crackers and fry until just golden brown. Of course this is not heart healthy at all but sure does taste awfully good.

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Last year I grew cantalope on a tepee trellis.
I made a sling out of cheesecloth.
Sort of a hammock.

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We had tempura pumpkin blossoms in Hawaii last year. They were awesome. I would love to have a recipe for them.

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SheldaH(6a WV)

I am definately going to try pumpkins on a trelis. I love experimenting. Let you know how the blossoms taste. sounds good, though.

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