What type of fence should I use?

dakota01April 21, 2010

Newly constructed home so I have a totally blank slate to work with..I will only have a side yard - being 15 wide by 70 deep.

Since I am in a planned community we are only permitted to have white fencing and maximum height is 6 ft.

I am trying to create privacy as well as using this space for a pond and many flower beds. I don't need much of a seating area since I have a porch that is recessed in the middle of the house.

I want to use a country style trellis garden gate but I don't know what is best for flowers,plants, privacy on the actually fenced part.

What works best for the health of the flowers/plants? Shoudl I go with more of a high picket fence, solid fencing or one with some maybe an inch or so spacing?


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Which side of the house is the yard on?

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When you are looking at the house it is on the right side. The house faces the west so the yard area would be the south side. Hope that makes sense..

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