Pine Bark Mulch

bigpinksMay 3, 2014

Been using the 5-1-1 for a coupla yrs with good success esp for eggplant and peppers. Today I opened one of those same bags after 2yrs in garage and it was all composted except for a few big hunks. Is this no good for the 5-1-1? Thanks.

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I have some similar pine bark mulch that is also heavily composted, mostly fine material with maybe 25% actual pine bark remaining (see attached photo).

If I was using my composted bark to make 5-1-1, I would probably add 2 or 3 parts fresh pine bark to 1 part of this composted bark and eliminate the peat completely. The composted bark I have holds a significant amount of water so I would want to use the fresh bark help to improve drainage.

That is only my opinion, and others on the list might give you better information. It really depends on how much drainage you want, how composted your bark is, and what you wish to grow in your 5-1-1. But I would add at least consider adding some amount of fresh pine bark.

Hope that helps.


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Thanx...I figured the total compost would not drain well enough but wasn't sure. I have a big side yd garden but am looking this yr to put a couple late tomatoes on the driveway to combat my early blight problem

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