Ideas for garden around mailbox?

idloveamochaApril 2, 2013

My husband has asked me to create a bed in the area surrounding our mailbox for easier mowing. It will either be mulched (my idea) or filled with river rock (his idea).

I want to be nice to our postal carrier, so I don't want it to be terribly heavy on flowers. Some are ok, though. I will definitely plant some spring bulbs in this area.

The area is large enough to possibly have some type of specimen shrub/something with a little height.

About the site:
--Full sun (south facing)
--Very, very windy site. Fragile plants will not survive.

Any suggestions?

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

How about resiting the mailbox to the corner of the driveway. This will allow the mailman to walk up and deposit the day's mail and you can carve out a planting area without him having to step on anything.

While you outline the horizontal/linear area as 5', what's the depth/width of this grassy area?

By the way, nix the river stone option. Even if you put a liner under it - it's an ugly approach to any landscaping plan.

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Resiting is not an issue...this is a rural route so the truck stops along the curb. Postal person doesn't even leave the vehicle.

We have river rock in another area and I think it looks good, though it is an area of shrubs, not flowers. To each his/her own, I guess.

The grassy width is 3'.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Our home is on a rocky hillside, and there is a huge flat rock near the mailbox, and many small ones around (river rock is much more uniform than what we have, but the idea is the same).

Between the rocks, Nasturtiums and low Rosemary thrive. They love getting their roots cool underneath those rocks, and the blooms against the rocks are amazing. Vinca is also low growing and the blue flowers look great too! We took out a shrubby hedge that was overtaking everything, and the rocks fit our landscape.

Even our bedroom fireplace is stone. I love the stone and the pines! It's just those gophers............

I like the rock idea, but I'm a little prejudiced!


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How about paving stones level with the lawn & some creeping thymes? Steppable, lawnmower friendly, & tough as nails, while still being attractive.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

freki! Amazing idea! I like it, but I'm not the original poster.


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