Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaMay 5, 2014

Hi Treehugger,

I received an email from you asking for help with Gritty Mix.

You have your settings on your account so that I can't respond to your email and you didn't include it in the message. I do have the number you sent and I looked up that you are in PA?

I will help you locate the ingredients and or send you to this lady who is now making Al's Gritty Mix on EBay. I could send you a sample and help you locate it. If you really want it fast, then I would search on eBay...

Helping you would be a pleasure, but I can't make up batches and send you a lot of mix.

Please email me again, or post here with Info on where you live ( city) and I can help you...

Thank you!!


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Laura, if you do a Member search you can find Treehugger's profile and use that to send him/her an email.

Or from the original message click on the My Page link in the header. I think that has a Send Email option too.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I did a search and found her!!! Thank you so much!

I really appreciate you taking the time to help



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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Littletown is close to Taneytown and I called that farm supply store given to me from a local southern states store. All of those farmers are so nice to talk to.

Sykesville store has the growers Granigrit as well al the Turface MVP . The number is 4107951234. They can send it to their sister store that is close to you in Taneytown. They are out of growers, only have starter and developer grit. YOU want growers... She said she could order a bag. Call her and the can get the growers and Turface from Farm house In Sykesville sent up to you. I spoke with Calvin his number is 4107951234. He was very kind and said he could send it up to where you are close to the store near you. ( Sykesville) He said its about 10 minutes Away from you... ;-)

So.. Whew!!! You have a start on that. To find the Pine Fines.. You can search mom and pops center or.. Do as I did I found and ordered orchid bark ( fir bark). Or if you want it keep it simple.. Go to Pet Smart and get the Reptile Bark by Zoo Med and take it and screen it over 1/4 Inch screen and use what falls thru. You can alway crush us the larges pieces if you feel like it. I do ha e a place where you could order orchid bark ( fir) bark from Florida. But then you have the shipping... I'd do the pet smart. The cost so the grit for a 50 lb bag is around 8.99. Turface 50 lb bag is about 18.00

That's a good start for you..

Thank you for the email. I left you a message on your cell, but I figured it would be easier to place it here since I didn't get a call back. This MIT help other in how to search.

Southern states is a great place to locate things for gritty mix. Granigrit or manna pro poultry size without oyster shells.

They also carry Turface sometimes and drystall ( pumice)

Agway if you have those stores around they are good to check as well.

Turface can be located at some John Deere tractor supply stores.

Also there is a Turface locator if you google Turface..

Tractor supply stores is another place to look for grit.

Hope this helps

Take Care


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