A Special Spring Container...

jodik_gwMay 6, 2011

I ran into this rather special, freshly built "container" this morning as I was walking around the yard, and I wanted to share it with everyone... it contains little eggs! I sure hope we don't need to open the gates anytime soon!

Here are a few other quick shots you might enjoy seeing...

A blooming Paw Paw tree!

The first bud on Rosa Rubra...

This is the Columbine in bloom, Mike!

The greenhouse is filling up quickly with containers!

Pristine white of Irises!

Tulips and Camassia sparkling with morning dew...

And from our trip north...

Navy Pier in Chicago...

Rollers on the beach of Lake Michigan, as the city looks on...

And a quick shot of Buckingham Fountain as we whizzed by...

More beautiful Irises...

The slightly out of focus blue of Allium...

And finally, the pretty bloom of Rose "Sugar Plum"...

Thanks for joining me on another spring tour of the yard, and thanks for coming with on a short trip through Chicago, The Windy City!

Stay tuned... as the gardens evolve, and more containers are filled and blooming! Happy Gardening!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Crazzy robins will build a nest anywhere! Nice shots, Jodi. I enjoyed the tour. ;-) Thanks for making the effort so we could share!


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Thanks for sharing, Jodi. Me, too, I enjoyed the tour.


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You're very welcome! I'm glad you both enjoyed the photos! :-)

Yes, Al, I've been finding bird nests in some strange places this year... we should have lots of baby birds soon!

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Now what I nice thing to see first thing am! Oh, I love it when you do this Jodi.

I can't wait to see pictures of the hatchlings, and yes I never saw a Pom Pom tree before, in fact, I never heard of one.

So that is the columbine? I just love it. No wonder hummingbirds are attracted to it. The one you gave me is doing fantastic!

I will be back for more.

Thank you and Mom is waving at you.


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HAhhahhaahahahh ROFL Hilarious! There is no such thing as Pom Pom tree. Mom just pointed it out t me as we are dying laughing. Paw Paw tree, yes..lololol

Mom says she thinks your greenhouse is very nice too!

lololol..I have to go..lol


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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

We have more birds this year than ever. Robins building nests this year, for the first time, are collecting beaks full of dry grass and dipping it in the bird bath to get it wet before adding it to the nest. Because we live in the woods with plenty of trees suitable for nests we seldom see the nests. Your greenhouse is filling up fast after your long cold winter, and all your plants look happy. Al

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Thanks, everyone! I just placed my birdbath in the garden, and filled it with fresh water for the birds... I've noticed new nests being built in the Honeysuckle vines, barn Swallows are taking over the garage and barn, and I recently saw a pair of giant Owls sitting together in the tree outside my window, cooing at each other. It was late in the night, and I watched them for a while... some sort of mating thing, I suppose. We should have new baby Owls this year, too!

Yes, the greenhouse will be full soon! I still have several plug flats to bump into 4" pots, and plenty of cuttings to take and start. It's working out nicely so far!

I've never seen a Paw Paw in flower before... very interesting! I wonder if it will produce fruit?

I'm glad to hear your Columbine is doing well, Mike! It won't take long for the plants to become adults, and then they'll bloom early every year for you! Hopefully, some hummingbirds will find them! Hi, Mom! :-)

Well... back to the greenhouse! I've got work to do! :-) More pictures to follow... as things change and bloom!

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