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King_Kale(7)May 24, 2013

Hey all,

Have any of you ever grown carrots in containers? I have a nice, deep 18-gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck (24"x16"x16.5") that's just begging to have some root veggies planted in it. I want to grow average-size carrots (6-8") and I'm curious as to what some of your spacing methods were? Also your yield/success rates when growing in container. Please be as descriptive as possible, and of course pics would be awesome. Thanks!

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I've never done it, but have to think results would be good. Since the container mix is as loose if not looser than garden soil, it seems like carrots should grow to their full potential easily. Normal spacing as stated on my seed package is 3". Of course I would probably try to crowd them a bit :-) Hopefully someone with actual experience will respond also.

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Thanks ed. 3" of room seems to be the consensus, but I'm just like you. I always push the boundaries a little bit to see what I can get away with. Maybe 2" all around for me. I've also heard that incorporating sand in the potting mix creates structure for the carrot to grow straighter. Not sure what the ratio should be though.

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I grow them in a raised bed. I thin to stand abut 2" apart. I grow 6" varieties. Did great last year!

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HeyJude2012(10b/24 San Diego)

Hi....I grew carrots at the end of last year/beginning of this year. I know you want to grow the longer carrots but I wanted to let you know that my short squat carrots came out great. I just sowed the seed on top of the soil. I had some smaller carrots and some regular sized since I didn't space them out but they were delicious. I grew the round Tonda de Parigi carrots. Now I have another batch growing plus a container of fingerling carrots. Jude

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