Comparison between large SWC and earthtainer

tnkrerMay 24, 2013

This year I built my first earth-tainer. Last year was my first year of container gardening and I had build a large SWC. (more details in this post - SWC Method for Large Container)

So I decided to compare both this year. I bought two pink brandywine plants (same height and health) and planted one in the earth-tainer and one in the large SWC. Both have same growing media, same fert. The earthtainer probably gets 30 more minutes of sun.

After 16 days, the tomato plant in the earthtainer is 4 inches taller than that in the large SWC. (16 inches to 12 inches). Also the early girl in earthtainer is growing with a lot more vigor than other tomato plants in the large container. So far earthtainer 1, my large SWC built on family handyman design - 0. If this pattern holds on .. the large SWC will be relegated to cukes and lettuce next year while I grow more crops in earthtainer ..

The large SWC does not have aeration holes and a lot more wicking area. May be that is the reason for better performance for the earthtainer?

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