Have apple mint cuttings

ChatanoogaChooChoo(7b)May 23, 2012

Want other kinds of interesting mint. Like ginger, Eau-de-cologne, kentucky colonel, julep, lavender, pear, moroccan, basil, banana, grapefruit, crispa, mojito.

Already have chocolate, pineapple, and orange mints started, so not interested in those.



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I have the mint for make mojito. The spanish name is "Yerba buena" (good herb). I don't know if that is the "mint mojito" that you want.

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reyna1(Zone 8)

Mojito mint is another name for apple mint. Yerba buena is normally another name for spearmint.

I have peppermint available for a trade.

The types I have are:
Orange mint
Chocolate mint
Apple mint
Pineapple mint

I'm looking for a trade of a mint that I do not have

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I am in zone four wisconsin how can I get some organge mint, apple mint what is Yerba buena" (good herb? i am jsut starting mints can any one help me out

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According to what I've read, there are many kinds of yerba buena, not just mints, but those that are mint is a reference that varies by region depending on what is indigenous there and popular with the locals. Apple mint, also known as yerba buena, is Mentha suaveolens. This species name also refers to pineapple mint, that which has variegation along the edges of the leaves. But I've read of no connection between this species and mojitos. Spearmint, Mentha spicata, is what I've read has been used in mojitos most commonly. This is also called yerba buena in some regions. Mentha X villosa, cuban mint, mojito mint, is also yerba buena and is a cross between M. spicata and M. suaveolens. This is the one I've read is best for mojitos, and harder to find. Apple mint is used in many of the species, likely because many of these species are crosses between apple mint and others.

Yerba buena can also refer to Mentha citrata; Bergamot mint.

Yerba buena means mint in general- if it's specifically for mojitos than it's reasonable to ask if it's cuban mint, Mentha X villosa, or common spearmint, Mentha spicata.

I have neither so am open to trading for either.

I don't have any other kinds of mint that you don't already have Danny.


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I have some grapefruit mint cuttings I would be willing to trade for apple mint.

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