Recent Construction - Lots of help needed

cdau221April 12, 2010

Hello all,

We recently had some construction done around our property which has completely destroyed the lawn and soil that was in place previously. We are also working with slopes and grades, and as you can see in the pictures erosion is going to be the big issue here.

We are getting estimates from professional landscapers, but I would really like to do some of the work myself. The problem is I have absolutely no idea where to even begin!

The pictures go from left to right showing a good chunk of the yard.

You can see how the water runs off from right to left here and how something definitely needs to be put in place to hold back the soil here. But what and how?

Same thing as the first picture.

Again continuing around the house.

I'd like to try and get a proper lawn back here, but I'm assuming that would require top soil based on what's there now?

The area gets early morning sun, but once the trees come in a good part of it will be blocked and it will be fairly shady.

The slope and rock walls. I feel like there is so much that could be done here to really make it look like less of an eyesore (maybe even nice??) but again, no idea really where to even begin.

So any input on how to tackle this would be greatly appreciated!

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Where do you live - those rocks are great!

Ask the professional landscapers to draw up a plan that you CAN do yourself, with a schedule of when certain things have to be done (that's what I do for clients ... look for a local "garden coach").

Don't try to go from where it is to Versailles-perfect in one summer. Find your county's "Master Gardener", get some books written specifically for your area, and visit some well-landscaped parks or other areas.

Frugal landscaping:

1 - Watering systems? Do you need them?
2 - Trees - Research what grows well, how big they get, etc.
3 - Fill in with annuals for now ... portulaca draping over the top of that wall, Hollyhocks where you think you might want a permanent hedge, whatever. They are a cheap way to try out different plant shapes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Create your own Landscape

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karinl(BC Z8)

Seems to me someone (you?) has already been building you a very nice rock wall. Seems to me you just need more of that. If that's not you, that can be learned from books and courses if you don't want to hire the same person - though that's what I would do because that work looks very good to me.


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