Help! Snow peas wilting!

mollywk(5A)May 8, 2009

Hi everyone,

I planted some snow peas recently in a wooden windowbox-type container on my back porch. They've been growing fine, and most of the shoots are a couple of inches tall now. A few days ago, though, I noticed that two or three of the newest shoots were wilting, and they don't seem to be recovering. The rest seem OK, though one or two look like they might have a wilted leaf or two as well.

What could the problem be? I'm in Montreal and it certainly hasn't been very hot yet. I've been watering them regularly.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot.

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A pic would help, but in general wilting is caused by not enough 'water pressure' inside the plant. If you have been watering them regularly it could be that the potting mix is holding too much water.

If so then the hair roots die and the plant becomes unable to take up the water even though the remaining roots are swimming in it.

I will leave it to you to determine if this is potentially the case. If so, stop watering and let the mix dry down.

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Ah, sadly I don't have a digital camera. But they're not browning or yellowing, at least not initially, just wilting and not really growing at that point.

You could be right about the soil. I propped up the box a bit further up off the ground, and will take your advice about letting them dry out a little more before I water again.


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