cat feces on vegatable sprouts

jewelbeetleMarch 26, 2010

Hello fellow gardeners, just a quick question. The neighbors cat has been using my veg garden for a litterbox and I am soon to trap it and bring it to the animal control. But the question is is it safe to eat raw vegs that have been pooped upon when they were seedlings? I am sick already my hands are shaking I am soooo mad. I am not an animal hater I have a fine indoor cat which I trained to go on the toilet. There is a dead bird with a nearly decapitated head I found also. I am ready to go beserk I spent a hundred dollars for leafgro delivery and seeds are expensive and I get pooped on. My husband is ready to bring the newspaper and take a crap on their front stoop! So will we be sick? My 5 year old daughter loves eating aw peas from the garden as much as I do.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

No, there is no risk. It is just nature and a normal part of gardening. Sorry but some cat or other animal poop in the garden is often the least of the concerns when it comes to what may be in your dirt that you don't see so simply pitch it out of the garden like most of us do. Indeed many go so far as to compost their animal wastes to use in gardens. Manure has been a common garden amendment for eons. ;)

However, common sense and practice dictates washing food before eating and that easily eliminates any concerns.


Here is a link that might be useful: Danger of dog/cat waste in gardens?

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vickima(z5 MA)

Funny, we acquired 3 barn cats specifically to help with a vegetable garden that was being destroyed by voles. They've completely solved that problem to our utter delight. Yes, they've pooped in the raised beds a few times, but I consider it a small price to pay for the service they provide. It's usually quite easy to see and dispose of. Compared to other icky things one can deal with in a vegie garden--bird poop, worms, toads, snakes, spiders, slugs, just to name a few--cat poop seems pretty tame. That's just my two cents of course. But you might want to stop and think of the benefits of having that cat around before you chase it off.

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Oh it wont be chased off. Cats should be indoors around here, as there are dead animals on our road from getting run over all the time. Kids shoot them with bb guns. Some one totally taped up a cat with duct tape, I seen it on the news. Manure is from animals eating natural food, cats eat processed food. Have you ever bought a bag of cat manure? I have poision out for the vermin around here, so it will probably be poisioned if I cant trap it. Worms are very benificial to soil. Spoiders kill many damaging insects, so they are benificial to a garden. So what are the benefits of cat poop in your garden? Does it add flavor?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Manure is from animals eating natural food, cats eat processed food.

Sorry but that isn't the case out here in the country where the beef, chickens, and pigs are raised. Their diet is as much processed foods as anything else. And they "process" it yet again. But a diet of "processed foods" isn't really relevant the issue at hand - So will we be sick? And the answer to that, unless you plan to eat the garden dirt and assuming proper garden produce hygiene, is still No.

Have you ever bought a bag of cat manure?

No but then I never buy a bag of cow manure either as it is readily available in my barn and pasture and has been routinely added to my gardens for over 40 years now. And as I said above many gardeners routinely compost their pet litter specifically for use in the garden.

Jewell- I fear you are not going to get the agree with you responses you're seeking from us - a quick search of the previous posts of this question shows that - and most gardeners will feel you are over-reacting because of a misunderstanding of how the filtering and decomposition system in nature works. And the references above to what is in your soil has nothing to do with worms or spiders. The reference was to chemicals from ground water run off, fertilizer build-up, all of the bacteria and poop from wild animals that you don't see, and toxins such as the poison you have put out for vermin.

But sadly it is also pretty clear we won't be able to reassure you or change your mind either. So since it is your garden how you deal with it is your choice of course.


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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)

Great info Dave, thanks for posting!

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I did further research is why......I would rather listen to advise a University gives than people on a forum, sorry for wasting your time.

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I did further research is why......I would rather listen to advise a University gives than people on a forum, sorry for wasting your time.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

so if you are willing to poison anything and everything that comes around and by happenstance gets into your poison, then why is it important to you...or enough to ask about on a forum...When you see a big beautiful butterfly or bird laying on the ground from your stash of poison, you'll understand why most of us are not alarmed by a little cat poop...I'll take a little poop any day to poisoning everything in site.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

p.s I have never seen a cat in all of my 70 years that pooped on top of the ground on any vegetation. They always bury their feces....are you sure it is a cat that you are dealing with?

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anney(Georgia 8)


Have you talked to the owners of the cat?

The thought of your poisoning a cat that isn't yours makes me nearly ill for the cruelty behind your desire. For God's sake, buy a scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler that will drive off every critter that comes near your garden. They're available on several sites.

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The poison is under my house NOT in my garden.........Annie, I am not a cat killer!! LOL I am not erecting some tacky, fool scarecrow.....yes Ruth, I am dealing with a cat here because not only did I see it but I see their little footprints and the scratching up a pile of dirt over the feces and killed innocent baby peas lettuce and spinich sprouts. Yes Digdirt, it is manure created by a meateater that must be avoided according to the University. I must apoligize, I didn't mean to say processed, and these are not vegan cats. And to put your mind at ease Ruth, the bird was laying on the ground almost decapitated that is not the work of poision but a cat which are not native species, birds and butterflys are NOT under my house where the poision is. Here is more of my research in case you don't believe WSU,

Good night to all

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

This post seems to have turned a bit polarised and snotty. I think a bit of balance might be handy.

Personally, I don't like finding cat crap in my garden. It's not pleasant to get it on your hands when you're weeding and it is very smelly. There is a finite risk of Toxoplasmosis (Google for info.) Cats also gravitate towards nice, soft, easy-dig soil ie my newly sown seed beds. And it is a great pity to find dead birds around the place. So, on balance, I prefer to try and keep them out of the garden with thorny prunings, nets or whatever. But I don't work myself into a frenzy over it. Did you look at the 'Scarecrow' that was mentioned? This is a small movement activated water squirter which many people find effective. It is not a scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz sense.

On the other hand, much as I want to discourage cats from my garden, I would not trap someone else's pet and turn it in nor would I risk laying poison except for rats and then only under strict conditions, preferably done by an accredited pest controller.

jewelbeetle, you say "I am sick already my hands are shaking I am soooo mad." You really don't need to get yourself in such a state. Just wash your produce, take some protective measures in the garden and don't get your knickers in a twist if the cat occasionally beats you. Show your daughter some common sense risk assessment outdoors and she will grow up into a sensible young woman who can look after herself with being neurotic.

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

The scarecrow mentioned is not big at all its about 18" high and hooks up to a hose, when the cat (or anyother critter) enters sensor range it gives a short burst of water to scare the cats off. After getting sprayed several time the cat will go elsewhere to do his duty. I just ordered 2 for my garden after doing research on thier effectiveness as I have rasied beds. I have a problem with cats racoons rabbits and the human raiders as well. I do have a fence around my garden but the human raiders wait till i go to work at night to visit my garden, now they are in for a wet

Happy Gardening

PS life is to short to war about mis-understandings

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Why this is another hot-button debate is totally lost on me. Everything I've read cautions against composting dog and cat feces. Why would it be OK to allow a direct deposit in your garden? If cats are using your garden for a toilet, you are well within your rights to take measures that keep them out.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

For me, Neighbor Peace is more important than World Peace.

I get very cranky at my cat Samuel E. Fermi for pooping in my beds. I have two effective anti-cat techniques:

1) After tilling and planting, I lay cheap pigwire or concrete reinforcing wire on the surface of the bed. This also prevents the raccoons and oppossums from digging in the beds and uprooting all of the seedlings.

2) I use old rose canes as kitty pongee-sticks if I can't fit the wire in a space. This also prevents the chickens from scratching up the seedlings.


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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)

I agree, Ruthie and Anney. And if a cat can't get under a house where the poison is...or a child for that matter. My mother's cats spend hours and hours poking around under her house.

Not too bright folks.

Curiosity might literally kill this poor cat...or cat(s) should I say, dogs, etc, etc. Stop and think ~ which is worse, having to simply wash your squash...maybe scoop the occasional poop, OR killing a harmless neighborhood cat, and creating a public health risk...

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brdldystlu(5b Mo)

From what I understand about lots of those poisons is when it kills the mouse, then a cat eats that mouse and gets sick or dies, or a snake eats the mouse and it kills the snake. Then a bird eats the snake or cat and gets sick and dies.

I wish cats were the only thing using my garden, we have a wide range of critters here, and I live in the city. I would much rather have cats than the possum, racoons, groundhogs or skunks that come to eat my garden every year. And I am sure they poop in there also. Birds also use my garden every year. Yep I will take a neighbors cat...

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

Well Ive always read no dog or cat poop in compost so hopefully above mentioned solution works. I have learned if you let one cat poop in any place more will come becuase they think its right. On the outside chance the sprinklers dont work (and I believe they will) i would remove all poop put in a can with lid and when full dump on negiebors front steps especially if you have talked to them about the problem. Just my opinion.


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Cats belong inside... if you let them wander onto my property YOU are giving me permission to kill them, I dont like cats, what gives YOU the right to let them come into my yard and hunt my birds and defecate in my gardens... I dont dont come poop on your front steps.... maybe I should
. I keep my dogs in my yard or on a leash and clean up after them if they make a mess somewhere else
some seeds I plant arent cheap and i have lost as many as half of my lettuce, greens and peas due to cats digging in my soil that I have spent many hours and many dollars building up.... also, tricomonasis is a very real threat, if i was to lose a baby to it, I am not sure what I would due to the neighbors who let their cats roam

to the original poster.... S.S.S. Shoot, Shovel, Shutup

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I automatically (right or wrong) assume that a cat that is allowed to roam freely is much more likely to be infected with problems that can be passed along in feces. Bacterial diseases and parasites are high on the list.

If this were my problem, I'd inform the neighbors (politely) of what their cats are doing and of your concerns. Tell them that you are using poisons under your home. Tell them, also, that if they continue using your garden as their toilet bowl, that you will trap them and take them to the pound.

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There isn't a problem at all, just pick the leaves off the plant when it gets big enough. Peas come from a flower that hasn't even developed yet. You are over reacting. There are worse animals that can do worse damage.

Good luck on your peas!

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

It's so funny that every year right at the beginning of the season someone comes here and starts this old worn out debate...they tell you all the stuff they are using to rid themselves of the pests but then questioned, it becomes a very different story...and that person usually has almost no history on any of the gardening boards...what's up with that..They know every horrible cat story from their neighbor hood and on the local news..Poison under the house doesn't mean that an animal lunches at your counter and dies immediately...It's probably going to die in your garden. If you have done all that research from every imaginable sight, what was the purpose of the post here...are you our yearly "lets do the cat doo doo post and get everyone riled up?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Good points Ruthie - as all the previous debates on this issue show. If it isn't here it is on the Composting Forum where, by the way, there are just as many research links posted on how to safely compost pet waste. And whether cats should be indoor animals or not has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

It's is an emotional topic - whether the rights and lives of animals exceed the rights and lives of lettuce seedlings. ;)

But if people would only learn about the built in filtering system of plants and practice normal garden hygiene there'd be no problems and no concerns. No your crops don't automatically absorb everything that is in the soil or we'd all be dead. No, zoonotic diseases are not confined to only cats and dogs. They also exist in squirrels, rabbits, rats, armadillos, possums, skunks, birds, etc. all of which poop in your garden. Not to mention hornworms - man do they poop!! Going to trap them all?

And most importantly, none of them are nearly as common or as serious a threat as the many poisons and insecticides so many think nothing of using in the garden.

Common sense should prevail in gardening and it should be fun. But it isn't a sterile environment so bacteria-phobes will never be happy gardeners.


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I know it has been a while since I said good night but I can't believe there is stll a debate about this subject. I did check out the "scarecrow" and I do not want to get a lawsuit from it spraying everyone that walks by my house. I even bothered to read the reviews which stated that it goes off for no reason. I guess some folks can't read the links I posted, Some folks out there just don't trust all that "science and whatnot" they are teaching at Washington State University (first link) or University of Pittsburgh(second link). They still think cat feces is good in your garden. Unbelievable. But then again, there are some folks way out there that don't think we ever landed on the moon also. Let me clear up a few points so the arguement can continue. When buying a house in a county which is one of the top wealthiest in the US, the bank FORCES you to buy a annual contract with the pest KILLER of your choice. The murderers we chose were terminix I am sure even you folks way out there have heard of them. No one can fit under the house unless they are small like a pest. So far all neighborhood children are ok. None poisioned! or my daughter which "flora" is so kind as to instruct me how to raise her....NOT! So who is neurotic? You are plain ignorant, you do not know me! so leave your psychiatric assesment somewhere else. Go and dine on some catfeces, and give someone else your parenting advise..brdldy go sue orkin and terminix for murdering all these pests I am sure you can find a good lawyer. With your same argue ment a free roam cat eats the mouse with the deadly "bug" then the bug and feces lands in your garden, then you eat the "bug" and that is using your arguement right off the universitys link I posted read it if you can!!! Also a plus for living in such a upper class county there is a law, if you are caught not picking up after your pet you get a 250 dollar fine for each crap that is caught on tape. I can go that route all it would take is my husband repositioning the surveillance camera. I still like S.S.S. advise Alanis & also the can o' poop on the stoop, Mark! To all of you who think cat feces in your garden is just swell, look into "humanure" and poop in your own garden!

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Ruthie you have no business in stalking me or my "history on these boards" I have been posting here since 2006, but not 20 times a day, as I unlike u have a life.

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As I stated before I would rather believe a University before some yokels on a forum. I said I was sorry for asking here! For even thinking gardeners may have the answer, boy was I wrong just a bunch of cyberbullys looking for an arguement. Read my links. I know you didn't. Go ahead, gain some knowledge, the mind you expand could be your own. And it is more than some lettuce seedlings at stake I hope no one is pregnant eating cat feces out of your garden, it is dangerous to the unborn fetus....but you didn't know that did you, you didn't read the links.

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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)


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nycynthias(Z6 NY)

Wow. Sorry, jewelbettle, but that last series of comments makes you look like a right psycho.

That being said, there is actually a small risk of toxoplasmosis from cats crapping in your garden. I do agree with others that the idea of purposely harming someone else's pet (or allowing it to come to harm) is repellant, but I also agree that pet owners should take responsibility for the safety of their pets, and in suburban areas, keep them safely indoors.

I recommend using rose canes or other prickly things as barriers to keep the cat out of your garden beds, AND talking to the neighbor about keeping their pet indoors.

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Cat poop tends to only be a danger when it contacts the food directly, and that can be washed off.

I met a person some years ago that was concerned about bacteria and parasites being absorbed by the plants and the contamination growing inside the fruit or vegetable, and that does NOT happen, it's only a contact issue.

Be very careful with poisons, esp if you have small children. There was an incident where some poisoned bait was put under a house, and some animal dragged it out and left it exposed, and a child got hold of it. She didn't die, but it was a near thing. You know how little kids put everything into their mouths.

The Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler is just a sprinkler that you push into the ground and when it goes off it also makes a kind of clattery sound. It's adjustable and you can aim it where you need it. It usually scares the cats enough to train them to stay away. Works on other animals, too, like rabbits and deer.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

When buying a house in a county which is one of the top wealthiest in the US, the bank FORCES you to buy a annual contract with the pest KILLER of your choice. Also a plus for living in such a upper class county there is a law, if you are caught not picking up after your pet you get a 250 dollar fine for each crap that is caught on tape.

WOW! Talk about flaunting it!! I'm surprised they even let you have a vegetable garden in "wealthiest county in the US". You sure there isn't a law against it?

We country yokels, who can and do read, are far more lucky than even we realized. However the fact that someone doesn't agree with you doesn't render them "ignorant". We are still smart enough to appreciate the fact that we are not your neighbor.

Enjoy your life at the top of the pile but don't forget that it is still just a pile.


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You are saying it's lettuce, but she says it 's peas, aw peas. For Christ sake, just take off the leaves effected when the plant is strong enough. If you want to be sure of no infection, put good bacteria like compost over the dirt where the cat pooped and sprinkle it on the leaf, like powdering, not burying, over the infected plant.

Penicillin is a mold that saved millions, cheese is a mold we eat every day, wine is a mold and it has amazing health benefits if it's not over used, and you heard of VRE? A staff like infection you get from over use of antibiotics! Antibiotics are almost incapable of curing it, but time does work it's magic, so it's not permanent, but my point with this is antibiotics over clean your body so much it endangers you more than your original diseases. Don't be obsessive with cleanliness in a garden, but don't breed roaches either.

No doubt a cat can carry a disease, but you can't live in a plastic bubble. Animals help in many other ways, so she's got to maybe get a cage to catch the kitty or scare it away with a dog! No point in killing the cat, that is just mean and senseless. Retribution on a cat just doing what it does naturally is not fair. It doesn't know any better.

A motion sensored sprinkler will get rid of it permanently. Cats hate water.

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As a realitive newbie, I have only searched the garden site occasionally on a few topics that I needed a quick answer for -- I spend most time on the quilt forum. Since it is now the prepping/planting season I have switched over & plan to spend more time here for awhile. That being said--I have to say I have laughed outloud so much that my family had to some see what I was up to! (Some) of you are a hoot!! Some of you are a little on the snotty/mean side!! And even more of you I wish were my neighbors!! (many from the 1st referenced group, none from the 2nd, sorry. I'm counting my blessings that I'm NOT so blessed as to live in a certain county.)
Due to time constraints I won't comment on even the posts that I'd like to, let alone the ones most of us wish could be deleted. Suffice it to say---when I have xtra time or need my spirits boosted, I'll be sure to come visit you all again! What a riot!! Pleasant dreams everyone:-)

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Goodness me, jewelbeetle. What an astonishing set of contributions. Did you notice in my first line the words 'I think a bit of balance might be handy'? Did you notice me agreeing with you about cat crap? Did you notice me referring to toxoplasmosis? Did you notice my and other peoples' positive suggestions for keeping cats out? Did you notice .... oh never mind, it's clearly a losing battle.

ROFLMAO is not an acronym I would normally use but here, for the first time ever in many years of posting, I feel it is truly merited. Quite a coup - I have earned my first ever personal diatribe AND I get to have inverted commas. I am now the evil 'Flora' masquerading behind a false id, unlike everyone else here, jewelbeetle. But next time could you use paragraphs and punctuation so I know exactly which comments are for me and which are just general? I'd like to appreciate the full flavour of my own personal insults.

quiltpartner - this is a humdinger - it's not usually this much fun.


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anney(Georgia 8)

Beetle dung also shows up in gardens, along with the poop of earthworms, mealy worms, hornworms, earworms, cutworms, army worms, wireworms, grasshoppers, cucumber beetles, potato beetles, June beetles, curculio beetles, Japanese beetles, slugs, snails, weevils, aphids, scale insects, loopers, maggots, flies, fleas, mites, wasps, moths, bees, ants, gnats, leaf-hoppers, leaf-miners, borers, stinkbugs, squash bugs, caterpillars, birds, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, rats, dogs, raccoons, deer, elk, cows, horses, groundhogs, snakes, toads, frogs.

Others may want to add to the list. I forgot nematodes.

After you clean up your OWN poop in the garden, JewelBeetle, I suggest that you take a shotgun out there and stay 24 hours a day and be forced to shoot each one of these poop violators of your garden. You must be inventive to kill all the earthworms and other critters that live under the surface of the soil. You must stay alert to all the insects above-ground and wear magnifying goggles for most of them. Night goggles after the sun goes down.

You're going to be busy.

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Hi Jewel,
I have a question. Have you talked to your neighbor about their cat? I don't recall you ever saying whether you had or not. Does your neighborhood have a pet policy? If so, and you have talked to your neighbor, then perhaps it's time to complain to the neighborhood "police". I have been plagued in the past by the animals of my neighbors. I live in a rural area, and keep my dogs in a six foot chainlink fence. I had a female bloodhound that wasn't spayed because we chose not to (she died of old age never having had a litter of pups). One of my neighbors sneaky little beagles kept coming and digging into her pen. We spoke to them about him and asked them to keep him away for the duration of her heat cycle, they put him on a chain. It was that easy. As for not having her spayed, I hold the belief that if women have so many problems after they have a hysterectomy, then what am I doing to my dog by having her spayed? We chose not to, and through responsible pet ownership, prevented it from happening. We kept an electric fence on the outside to keep amorous males from entering, except, of course, for one smitten beagle. I think that by saying that you are going to trap the animal you are speaking out of anger and not thinking of the rational approach. Seeds are expensive, but much more so is the court costs associated with harming someone's pet. You never said you were going to shoot it, until your later comments. As far as eating the produce from you garden is concerned, I tend to agree with everyone here, just wash it and you should be fine.

I have had a good laugh reading the comments on this thread. You guys are pretty hilarious!
Have a good day!!

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greetings from a not-so-wealthy county in the US. I can't wait for this thread to slip to page 2. Jewel has made it clear that she likes her poop in small chunks, bite sized or less. Electric fences keep out mammals larger than a mouse, whether poopers or eaters (sadly, you can't exclude the latter without excluding the former), and cost 20 bucks. The lovely salt-and-pepper bird contributions to new lettuce have not been proven to carry any disease by any university.

Let us also not mention what many forum contributors do to add nitrogen to their garden, or the thread will never end. They are all organic extremists of course.

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Hi you all back again for more poop? Who read the links? No one? Good still ignorant. Now let me repeat myself for the slow ones.
1. I never said I am going to shoot anything. Early comments or later comments never said it. I am a cat owner. I love animals.
2. I never said I am wealthy I live in the poorest section of Howard County Md. I work hard for my money.
3. Flora, sorry, another comma, I am not so good with writing (I work construction don't write much) I read your post, glad you agreed and all, but you have no business with your parenting advise, thats all.
4. Yeah I was mad and came here to vent as well as get some advise at first. If that makes me a psycho, well then I guess none of you have ever been passionbate about gardening.
5. And scarletdasies, it was Raw peas, so sorry I dropped an R. I also have spinach and lettuce sprouts, so now not only am I a neurotic psycho gardener I am a letter-dropping idiot! My 5 year old daughter loves eating RAW peas out of the garden!!!!
3. The bank makes you get Terminix or simular for new construction, they do what they do and the are not killing off children. I am not trying to poision anything personally, I have not even seen or touched the poision.
4. Excerpt from University of Pittsburgh link since no one read it. "Cats become infected when they eat raw meat, usually a mouse, infected with T. gondii cysts. Sometime from a few days to 3 weeks after eating an infected animal, the cat will begin to shed oocysts in its feces. The cat will continue to shed oocysts in it's feces for 3-15 days, after which time it will stop shedding the organism in it's feces and will no longer be a hazard.
If a woman who has not previously been infected with T. gondii becomes infected while she is pregnant, there is a significant chance that the organism will produce severe neurological damage in the developing fetus. T. gondii is also a special risk in the case of individuals that may have weakened immune systems, such as individuals receiving cancer or transplant therapy or individuals that are positive for HIV."
5. Anney I have no problem with any of the poop you mentioned except the maggot poop. Cat, Dog, Pidgeon & Human poop I dont like. I down right love bunny, cow, horse and bat poop! Ponder that, willya.
6. Hope that is enough for you I have to go and untwist my nickers.

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"I have to go and untwist my nickers."

This might take a while...

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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)

LOL Anney! That is what I was going to say, all kinds of living organisms in the garden, pooping 'round the clock!

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I'm with quiltpartner on this one. I'm a newbie on here, mostly just lurking and learning. But I must say, this is one of the most entertaining threads I've ever followed on ANY forum!
Jewel, hang in there. I'd be angry at the neighbors cat pooping in my garden too!
As it is, this season I'll think about you all daily as I negotiate the neighbor's "free range" dog's land mines strewn across MY yard as I make my way to the garden and recall the "Great Poop Debate of 2010"! LOL!

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Put a covered litter box in your yard, and every week you can have the pleasure of tossing the contents over the fence into the neighbours garden.


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"Let us also not mention what many forum contributors do to add nitrogen to their garden..."

But surely we should acknowledge the nitrogen contribution the cat is making, 'cause if it's pooping in the garden it's bound to be weeing as well.

At least the cat isn't frightening the postman by pouring a bucket of menstrual blood and urine onto the soil of the front border...Ah, those organic extremists...!

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It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for you to actually attend a college or university since you can't even spell vegetable correctly!!

    Bookmark   March 15, 2011 at 11:11AM
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