Looking for 30" Plant Saucers

awestruckMay 1, 2014

I am growing my plants in Smart Pots on our balcony and am looking for saucers to fit under the pots. I ordered a 24" one thinking it would fit under the 20 gallon fabric pots, but it was way too small, so I used it under a 10 gallon pot. I still need to find a bigger saucer to go under the 20 gallon pots. Does anyone know where I can get 30" plant saucers, or, is there a better idea that I can use to put under the pots that will protect the floor of the balcony from being continually moist? Thanks.

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Try aluminum pans or plastic bowls from $1 store, or some other kind of cooking ware.

I have also seen people using styrofoam lids or containers that might fit. Another idea might be some kind of plastic that goes around the outside, then tie it up to the bag to keep it from falling, but also need to be cautious about the heat build-up.

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Thanks so much!!! I knew it couldn't be that complicated, but I had not seen this done anywhere, nor did I think about it before I started planting the pots on the balcony! Thanks again! I'll try the dollar stores too.

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