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Michielyn(8)April 16, 2014

I bought a house that has been vacant for 3 years, and the yard needs work. This year I'm rehabbing the grass, updating the mulching and filling in this spot. I'm a complete beginner, this is my first house and I'm not really creative - but I really enjoy working on the yard. I'm hoping to find something that would be safe and attractive. Maybe some bushes, plants or a dwarf tree? Not sure about roots though or the timing. I live outside of Seattle Washington and my door faces SW.

First off, a current picture of the empty spot. The house edges are ~ 8 x 7 feet. I've since attempted to kill all the weeds/vegetation.

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I'm on my phone and can only post one photo at a time.

This is a picture from zillow from when the previous owners lived here. So you can get a better idea of the space. I wish my grass was this green.

My husband wants a fountain, but I think the DIY kind looks out of place.

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A basic arranging idea:

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That's pretty!

I feel so overwhelmed and pretty much need "paint by numbers" because of all the options. So this is perfect. Thank you.

Next I need to tackle the weird tree hill in the right of the picture.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Weird tree? All I see is a pine behind the house. Maybe the picture isn't broad enough?


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I would definately put in a water feature! Either centered in front of your window or hang something on the opposite wall. I love the sound of water and it would be nice for visitors to hear as they walk up your sidewalk. Even if you open that front window you would be able to hear it inside your home.
Then I would put a small flowering tree, maybe some hydrangeas and then some ground cover that blooms or low flowering begionas or impatience.

You have a nice spot to work with and your home is lovely!

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I didn't post the picture that shows the weird tree area. I don't think I'm ready to work on it yet, though I am considering adding a rose bush to the area.


I LOVE hydrandeas. We looked at so many today. I think I want to put some in, but I don't know what else to add so it looks okay during winter.

We saw this water feature and really like it.

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This is the "weird tree hill". Our septic lives underneath it, plus there is a momma killdeer that yells at me whenever I try to weed it. We are getting bark (our neighbors are splitting it with us) in a couple weeks and I will be sprucing it up a little. I might plant a few flowering shrubs.... but overall I find it weird.

As far as the little area, I killed the vegetation that was there, and I am going to rip out the remnants and use my cultivator on the area once it dries out. Then add some fresh soil/whatever is good for the plants I will be doing. Plant, then put my mulch/bark on the area? Somewhere in there check the pH of the soil if I do hydrangeas, since I'd want blue ones.

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As with normal with this house, I'm off on my estimates. It's 12 x 10 along the house edges. If that changes anything.

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