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agmssApril 17, 2011

Hi - I need some design advice. I have recently moved to Maine full time. My home is located on the edge of a forest next to a small field. The forest was selectively cut maybe 15 years ago. The house location allows alot of winter sun and summer shade. The landscape is hilly with al the normal Maine characteristics - ie lots of rocks - big, small, in piles, in walls. The woods in the general vicinity of the house consists of some very large pines, alot of small-med sugar maples, small-med beech, birches, small pine, spruce, balsams. I want to open up the woods and add some formal elements without losing the feels of the landscape. Last year my sister and I spent an afternoon cutting down 100s of small evergreens and maples on the north side of the house. I really like seeing the area opened out to see mature trees and the landscape. Someone recommended that I allow a wall of evergreens on the north side of the house - to slow down winter winds. How far from the house should that wall be? And there are a fair number of medium sized maples around the house. I want to cut some down - what is the closest to the house and each other the maples should be. Lastly there seem to be a fair number of small beech seedlings (4-6') - some of which are multistem. I like how they look - should I try to prune them as multistems? They are american beech - I think I have only seen other varieties coppiced - but I have a dozen or more of these ones already here. Thanks

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Do a search for 'Maine Forest Service' which offers all sorts of help/classes for your type of situation. Also, if your property is 10 acres or more you may request a free visit by one of its foresters to advise you on the best way to establish a wind break and clear unwanted trees.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Or consider the woodland gardening forum.


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