Gift of 6 Boxwood

KitNoviceApril 20, 2014

Hi all,
My father just gave me 6 boxwood to put in my yard (I think it's driving him nuts that we have absolutely no plantings). I'm landscaping-challenged and an absolute black thumb. I'm surprised the boxwood haven't withered and died just by being in my presence. Where should I put the boxwood and are there any amendments I should add to my sand (I mean soil)? Any other (cheap) plantings you would recommend with the boxwood? Virtually indestructible plantings would be helpful :)

I'm heading to a nursery tomorrow to ask similar questions. My budget is pretty small. Oh and I'm told we're zone 7b.

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I was thinking in front of the garage....but as I said, I'm landscaping-challenged. The bed is about 11 feet deep by 24 feet long.

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Just got back from the second nursery. The first one said to look at books and come back to him with names of plants. The second told me to use the boxwood on either side of the steps up to the house but didn't really recommend what would look good with them. Right now I have 6 green velvet boxwood, 2 bennett's compacta and phlox(sp?). Any suggestions on how you would place them and what else you would put in there? I'm looking for something cottage-garden, with the evergreens to hide the ugly foundation maybe?

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

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babera(5a (Montana))

I copied Yardvaark and did some doodling with your photos. The trees look orange, they are supposed to resemble red leaf maples. A brick walk way would tie it all in. . .

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babera(5a (Montana))

and heres the other side, using up the rest of the boxwoods and added some shutters, window boxes and perennials, , ,the beige thing is a rock. . . :) there could be more added to this area. . . a lamp post would also look good here I think. . .

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I am more interested in where you will put the Holly. Do you have a picture of the phlox?

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Looks like the phlox are the white mounds in the two pots three pictures up. Phlox subulata will spread and fill in some space nicely. When not in flower (which is most of the time), it's a green mat.

The Bennets like full sun and I think their width spread can be a bit greater than the height over time.

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Where is Bahia and Deviant when they are needed? Oddly, absent.

KitNovice, that you got a gift of boxwood cannot be the basis of a landscape design. The design should occur without regard to specific plants and then once the shapes, sizes and characteristics of plants needed are known, it could be determined if boxwoods can fit. Likely they can, since they are so basic.

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Babera - Thanks for the amazing pictures!

Emmarene - That's what I'm struggling with. This is my first experience with a lawn, let alone plants. Former apartment dweller here :) The phlox is the white flowers in the pots in the second picture (although they're really a very pale purple).

Duluthinbloomz4 - That's what I'm afraid of with the Bennett's. I love the color and look of them, but they're small now and the tag on them says they get 3-6' high by 3-6' wide. So I don't want to put them somewhere that would look good now, but will be overwhelmed when they get bigger.

Yardvaark - That's where I'm struggling. I have absolutely no experience with landscaping (besides, oh that looks pretty). I've been looking online, looking through books and driving through well landscaped neighborhoods all to get an idea of what to do. I want to be able to plant the boxwood (and Bennett's and phlox) so they don't die, and I can afford to get a couple more plants to build up the beds a little (although I can't do it all at once), but I can't envision an overall "vision" for the space to start from. If I had a vision I could chip away at this project a little bit each year.

My dad's theory - stick 'em in the ground and you can always dig 'em up and move them if you don't like it. :)

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Well, the dad's theory has some validity. For those who don't know what or where, plants often end up getting moved.

I will take a look tomorrow.

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Below garage windows is a place for a couple of boxwoods.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

In Morocco for the month.

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