Fiddle Leaf Fig

snapksMay 3, 2013

I have a Fiddle Leaf Fig that I will be repotting into gritty mix mid-June. In the mean time, it has sprouted some new leaves. Two of them look nice, but two of them have me concerned. They are located at the tallest part of the tree and have large holes in the leaves. Does this indicate an insect or disease issue? Should I cut off the leaves or leave them alone?

A little background... I bought the FLF in February of this year and it sits right in front of a large north-facing window. It gets bright indirect light and when it is warm enough I move it outside for a few hours in the shade. It has adjusted pretty well and has not lost any leaves or shown any signs of distress to this point. I flush the soil around once every 7-10 days. It is quite root bound, which is why I am planning to repot it and trim the roots in June. There are a few roots growing out of the bottom, which I am not sure if I should go ahead and trim now. The only other issue is that every time I water, I see a few small insects - millipedes - I believe coming out of the bottom of the container. Again, I am repotting in June, so I am hoping that the bugs won't create a problem in the interim.

I hope these pictures post. Haven't posted pictures before.

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One thing I forgot to mention... I haven't fertilized because in the soil there are small green pellets which I have assumed are pellet fertilizer from the nursery. Not sure how long those last and I haven't wanted to over-do it an burn the leaves.

I do have FP on hand though.

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