Zigging and Zagging

bahia(SF Bay Area)April 13, 2011

So many California homes are often more driveway than garden when faced with relatively narrow lots, and the garden often is treated as an afterthought. This home had the additional need to fit in a full floor of stairs within a very shallow front yard set back. The design uses a zig-zag alignment for the stairs that uses a playful layout of walls and railings and built-in planters to make the most of the relatively limited planting areas. People seem to either love it or be annoyed by the configuration, what is your opinion? Mine holds that it's visually more pleasing than a single straight run of stairs out to the street, as the owner/builder originally intended when he drew up the plans. One of the reasons that this house is so tall, is that a ground floor mother-in-law unit was placed for extended family use or as an office.


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

David, below where you type your message, there is a box labeled 'Optional Link URL:' That's the secret to typing a clickable link. Below that is a box for Name of the Link. Don't want anyone to miss your excellent design photos and commentary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zigging and Zagging

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That is truly a great use of a very limited space. I love the combination of the stonework, the red/orange railing and the carefully chosen plantings. I think it is more interesting to have a zig zag staircase that "slows" you down then a straight run. Being a ridiculously clumsy person, I always think a straight run staircase is dangerous...And let me tell you I know from experience.

The challenge that is highlighted by the photos is the balance between the large paved driveway area and the very small "landscape" area. With height and weight in the landscaping I think you have accomplished that as much as possible.

I think "playful" is the perfect adjective for the design. Thanks again for sharing!!

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