Saucers for Containers?

Rosco76May 27, 2012

I'm pretty new to container gardening and I cannot find a definitive answer or at least some pros and cons to using saucers with containers. I have some pots with and some pots without and would like to know what's best. I should also add that I'm growing mostly vegetables and I'm using the 5-1-1 mix in all my containers.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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howelbama(7 NJ)

I use saucers on any surface that I dont want to get damaged, like my decks etc... I take the excess water in the saucer and pour it in to other containerized plants after watering. In bigger containers where it is difficult to lift the container off the saucer, you can use a turkey baster to remove the excess water

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So, otherwise, it's best not to use saucers? Do you know why?

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You don't want to leave the roots sitting in water. If the pot was elevated with little feet or rocks so the drainage holes were above the water level in the saucer it would be fine. But if the drainage holes are below the water level in the saucer (usually the case), it can't drain properly.

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Personally I want my containers to drain fully and quickly and just let the moisture control mix hold enough water until the next day.
I use plant "Dollys" instead of saucers and drill a hole in dolly for drainage.
That way the only thing touching my wooden deck is just 4 small points on the wheels and air is able to flow under the pots so the deck does not rot or discolor.
Plus I can move them if need be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best plant dollys I have found

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Now Nun!!!

I am not sure of where you live, but I have a feeling it's in a beautiful area and that you have a great view?

How much do you charge to stay there? Nice!


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I am in North Carolina, view is fair I guess for where we are.
Our deck is about 20-25' in the air and the trees come right up to the deck on the long side so it gives the feeling of being in a tree house.
The short side where the Vegtrug and pots are looks like a short 3 par golf hole sorta.

We really want to move to around Bend Oregon though, get a nice little spot with about 2 acres butted up to the national forest and near the Deshutes River.
Build myself a 20' x 20' green house.

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