Looking for suggestions for flower bed with pic

eclayton08April 5, 2012

I've been in my house for about 7 months now and I have a little flower bed area that has 5 bushes. Im looking to add more stuff to it cause the 5 bushes look very boring but I have no idea what to plant to make it look much more appealing. Any suggestions on what I should plant to make it look much nicer? Here's the area.


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Plant some annuals in the bare areas at right and left. I would pick all one kind of annual that stays relatively low ht. See what's available where you live and select what appeals to you for the light conditions you have (probably full sun.) Amend the soil by adding 1/3 volume of peat moss Just mix it in like you're mixing sugar into flour. Use some fertilizer (for flowering plants) per directions on the package. Water. Enjoy. Provide water again when it needs it. If you appreciate your result, start reading and learning about other plants you can try in the fall and next year.

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karinl(BC Z8)

First of all, no one is forcing you to keep the 5 bushes as they are, nor to keep them pruned in that shape. That said, they provide a nice enough structure and keeping them is probably a good strategy to start with at least.

As to what to plant, annuals are certainly one way to get your feet wet in gardening, and they have the advantage that you get to start from scratch every year. But so much depends on what you want to grow. If you walk by this area every day, it would be nice if it gave you enjoyment, and we all define "enjoyment" a little differently.

My suggestion would be that you take the time for a leisurely visit to some of your local nurseries and garden centres - not so much the big box stores - and look at the perennial plants that are available to grow in your climate. You should know whether this area is mostly in sun or shade in the summer, and shop accordingly. (Read plant tags and also note how the plants are organized in the nursery - often "plants for shade" etc). See what plants appeal to you, and if they would grow in your spot, buy a few and try them out.

Options besides perennials might include bulbs (usually sold in fall and planted then, blooming in spring), ground cover shrubs (low growing azaleas, for example), ground covers, or some combination of these.

Karin L

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